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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Break Your Heart, Astrologers Say

Breaking up is hard to do—especially when the other person has little regard for your feelings.

Whether you're a teenager dealing with the loss of a first love or a full-grown adult going through a difficult divorce, a broken heart is a painful experience—that can't-eat-can't-sleep feeling where it seems nothing will bring a smile to your face again. Of course, this is an inevitable part of life (one which is said to make us stronger), but there could be a way to lessen the blow. According to professional astrologers, certain people are more inclined than others to crush your relationship dreams. Keep reading to learn which zodiac signs are the most likely to break your heart, from somewhat insensitive to completely callous.

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Scorpios are full of passion and intensity thanks to their dual planetary rulers, Mars (the planet of love and sex) and Pluto (the planet of power). This is wonderful if you're in a committed relationship with them, but when things are still casual, it can be misleading.

"A Scorpio will treat you as if you are their ultimate heart's desire, even when you don't know each other's middle names yet," explains celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "When they realize that you're not really meant to be, and walk away, you are left in tatters because you thought this is how they behave with true love, not how they behave with everyone," she explains.

What compounds the problem is that Scorpios are also notoriously mysterious and secretive. "Even though Scorpio craves deep intimacy with their partners, they also have a very hard time fully trusting them," says Tara Redfield, a professional astrologer at Another Day Greener Lifestyle & Astrology. So all those lovey-dovey moments could be masking what they're truly feeling.


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Considered the least romantic zodiac sign, Aquarians are more concerned with their independence than they are with the art of relationships. "The thought of committing to only one person can terrify them, so they end things abruptly or opt to keep things extremely casual," explains Redfield.

Being ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus also doesn't help Aquarius in this department. "They can be steadfast and true in a relationship, then suddenly and unexpectedly decide that you are holding them back and putting too many demands on their time," says Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical. And because Aquarians crave attention, "they struggle to keep their hands and eyes to themselves," she adds.

Even if you're the one ending things with an Aquarius, say because of something they did to hurt you, you're likely to be met with a stoicism that feels like you were never in love at all. Known as one of the coldest signs of the zodiac, "Aquarius might accept they've done wrong, but they'll rarely look back after a breakup," says Kirsten.

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This fire sign is driven by adventure, always ready for their next exotic trip or new job in a new city (or country!). Naturally, this longing for freedom doesn't leave much room for a long-term relationship. However, the confusion comes in because Sagittarians love the honeymoon phase of a relationship. "But the moment it starts to get real and serious, they have the urge to be free again," notes Redfield.

Sagittarius is also not the most empathetic sign, very often putting their own needs first and not thinking about how it might affect their partner. "Whilst you were busy planning that dream couple's trip together, they've already booked a solo trip and are ticking off more bucket list goals without you," shares Kirsten as an example.

Put together their fiercely independent nature, lack of thoughtfulness, and blunt honesty, and "you can only imagine the heartbreak when they tell their former love that they met someone new and interesting," cautions author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.


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Aries is ruled by fiery Mars, the planet of drive (including sex drive) and energy. Therefore, they are always looking for "excitement, challenges, and big-time drama," says Barretta. Considered the wildest sign of the zodiac, Aries "are more about the chase as opposed to the capture," she adds. "A relationship that is too placid and predictable begins to bore Aries, and the urge to move on to the next challenge usually leaves someone brokenhearted," according to Barretta.

While this can be devastating on its own, it's the misplaced passion (much like Scorpio) that hits you like a ton of bricks. As Honigman explains, dating an Aries is likely to include parties and non-stop socializing (and, often, lots of time between the sheets). "You'll have spent thirty days and nights with them, and they've not asked for space once. And then they suddenly vanish," she says.

Even worse, they could very well return after a few months when they've gotten tired of whoever came next. "Unless you call it quits, expect this hot-and-cold game to tear at your heart for a long time yet," warns Kirsten.

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Surprised to see the most romantic zodiac sign as the runner-up? It's true that "Pisceans love truly, madly and indeed, deeply," says Honigman. However, she cautions that "a sign this romantic will cause you to fall in love with them fully so that your entire being is immersed in the relationship." And coming down from that high can certainly leave you brokenhearted.

Having such a sensual yearning can often lead Pisces down a path where they're desperate for a relationship. Barretta notes that there is a tendency for this sign "to create a beautiful illusion in their head [and] play the part of the true romantic." While you may be being showered with their quintessential fairy-tale affection, it could actually be the idea of you that's behind it.

Barretta also describes Pisces as "the great escape artist" and says they are "masters of avoidance." Their passive-aggressiveness comes from a place of fear, where they feel their emotions deeply but have trouble communicating them. But, as Barretta notes, "It can be heartbreaking for their partner who feels totally left out in the cold once the Pisces fish slips away to take a breather from pretending they want a commitment."


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In the number-one spot is Gemini, the indecisive sign of the twins and duality. "Geminis are constantly seeking new experiences because they love variety and constant mental stimulation," says Redfield. "Geminis are also extremely curious and can easily become intrigued by someone new and leave their current partner in the dust."

Simply avoiding a relationship with this sign might sound simple, but as Honigman explains, they have a knack for making you think "you're their one and only." She says they'll "invite you to public gatherings and generally show you off. All the while doing the exact same with somebody else." And, she adds, "You trusted them to be faithful because who would risk being caught like this? Gemini, that's who."

When they do break things off, Geminis will waste no time making their new partner just as public, with little regard for your feelings. "Expect to see a new Instagram couple picture on your feed," Kirsten points out. She also warns that Gemini is the sign most likely to ghost you. "You might not even know you've officially broken up until you're blocked and calls go to voicemail," she says. Ouch!

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