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The Neediest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They want constant reassurance and all of your attention.

It's nice to feel needed here and there, but when it's all the time, it can quickly get exhausting. Maybe you have a friend who has to get your thoughts on every message they send through a dating app. Or perhaps you're in a relationship with someone who needs daily reassurance that you're not leaving them. Whatever the case, this level of clinginess can be problematic. To know what you're dealing with, you may want to turn to astrology. Keep reading to get the inside scoop from astrologers about the six neediest zodiac signs, from a little insecure to completely codependent.

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As an earth sign, Taurus craves comfort, security, and stability and has a very hard time with change. "As such, any disruption to this routine can cause the sign to lean heavily on their support systems," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense. "This is likely because Taureans carry a lot of emotional burden from their past and keep this buried within them in order to protect themselves from heartbreak in the future."

If you're dealing with an exceptionally needy Taurus during a time of transition, it's best to take baby steps with them so they can gradually adjust on their own.


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Scorpios are well known for being intense and mysterious, which may make you assume they're more of the loner type. But that tough facade crumbles when their intensity and passion are channeled into another person.

"They fall for people fast and put all of their energy into a potential love interest," explains Clare. "Once a partner learns how to slowly chip away at Scorpio's emotional walls, they will uncover a sensitive and insecure person underneath it all."

According to Tara Bennetastrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, clinginess comes into play when they're feeling jealous. "When Scorpio has their doubts about your commitment or loyalty, their neediness can become overwhelming."

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Outgoing Leo is another sign that comes off as very self-sufficient. But it's the thrill of being the center of attention that actually translates into neediness.

"Ruled by the sun itself, arguably the solar system's main character, Leos feel a constant need to be adored and admired by others, and grow anxious if they feel forgotten," explains Clare. "When someone else threatens to steal their limelight, you can see their confidence unravel before your eyes."

It's in these insecure moments that you'll see Leos almost begging for others' attention and validation, and they'll cling to you until you give it to them.


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Pisces is an extremely sensitive water sign, known for daydreaming and getting lost in their artistic pursuits. According to author and astrologer Lisa Barretta, like water, this sign "has no defined boundaries, leaving them wide open to looking for a rescue when they get in too deep and lose grips on real-world things like bills to be paid and commitments kept."

Pisces is also one of the most romantic zodiac signs, so they're always seeking out a fairytale that they likely created in their imagination. "In relationships, Pisces wants nothing more than to spend all their time with their partner," says Bennet. "Their extreme neediness can drive even the most loyal away."

If this sign can take a step back from their emotions and take off their rose-colored glasses, they'll learn to be more independent.

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Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, and as such, they fall in love hard, notes Bennet. "When their emotions spiral out of control, declarations of love flow like water, and their neediness can become very unattractive."

But it's more than just loving love: Libras are also not comfortable being single. "The idea of 'alone time' is terrifying to most Libras. They would rather tolerate a mediocre relationship than be on their own," explains Tara Redfield, a professional astrologer at Another Day Greener Lifestyle & Astrology.

Compounding their neediness is the fact that Libra is the sign of the scales, always seeking out balance and harmony and going to great lengths to keep everyone happy. "They are also big people pleasers and have a need to feel liked and wanted, [which] can make them more co-dependent than other signs," adds Redfield.


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Like Taurus, Cancer is a sign that relies on comfort and stability to feel secure. As the nurturer of the zodiac, they love nothing more than having someone to take care of. "This is why they have the reputation of being overly dependent on partners and even other family members," says Redfield. "They seek to have their emotional needs met through their personal relationships."

Their moodiness doesn't help, either. "Ruled by the moon, the solar system's center of emotion, they are known to let their negative feelings get the better of them and often fall into deep waves of extreme melancholy," explains Clare. "As a friend, their low mood and need for reassurance can be tiring at times."

And if you're close to a Cancer, it can often feel impossible to satisfy their neediness. The crabs of the zodiac keep their feelings hidden under their shells, notes Bennet: "If they don't get the support they need, they'll think nothing of leaving message after message until they have your full attention."

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