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The Zodiac Sign That Will Never Leave You, According to Astrologers

Take comfort in your relationship knowing that these signs are not going anywhere.

You've probably heard people citing the statistic that more than half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. You're also likely aware of how costly and painful it can be to split up assets. If these facts make you wary of tying the knot or simply making it official with someone new, it might be important to consider your partner's horoscope. According to astrologers, this can affect how likely they are to stay in a relationship until the bitter end. Read on for the zodiac signs that will never you, from those who are comfortable with commitment to people who take "'til death do us part" very literally.

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Libra's planetary ruler is Venus, which oversees love, romance, and beauty. And as the sign symbolized by the scales, they crave nothing more than balance in life, which leads to easygoing, stable relationships.

Balance also means Libra is eager to find their counterpart. "They crave being with another person to share their lives with and marriage is very important to them," explains Tara Redfield, a professional astrologer at Another Day Greener Lifestyle & Astrology. "Libras have the reputation of being serial monogamists and feel totally lost being single, which is why they try to avoid it at all costs."


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Virgo is considered the most monogamous sign of the zodiac. It's certainly a plus not to have to worry about cheating, but that doesn't necessarily equate to committing long-term. This comes into play thanks to Virgo's perfectionist nature.

When it comes to romantic relationships, this headstrong sign is "hyper-aware of every detail [and] the first to notice when something's not quite right," explains Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical. "In efforts to stay by your side, they'll swiftly broach difficult topics and at the same time seek out simple solutions. Expect long, meaningful conversations and a detailed plan on how to get your relationship back on track."

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Of course, the most romantic zodiac sign is someone you can count on going the distance with. "This loyal and uber affectionate water sign knows exactly what it wants and isn't afraid to fight for it," says Kirsten. "When someone matters to a Pisces, they will hold on until the end." And since they're most concerned with living out a fairy tale, they'll roll with the punches and adapt to new circumstances if it benefits the partnership.

However, Kirsten also cautions that because Pisces is "quick to romanticize relationships," they'll want to stay together even if it's not in their best interest. "If left unchecked, this behavior can quickly go south, morphing into possessive jealousy."


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Capricorns are best known for their intense drive and borderline obsession with work and success. But just like they give 100 percent in the office, they'll do the same in a relationship. "Ruled by Saturn, the symbol of responsibility and commitment, Capricorns never make promises they can't keep," explains Kirsten.

Naturally, Capricorns dislike failure. "They would rather stay in the relationship and try to make it work than to give up and be a 'quitter,'" notes Redfield. "If the relationship hits a bump in the road… they will do the work and weather the storm," she says.

Kirsten adds that this level-headed sign is "known as the father of the zodiac," and that they are "the sign most likely to cherish and remember the big milestones in your life."

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Cancer is the only sign ruled by the moon, the planet of emotion and comfort. As such, they love nothing more than taking care of their friends, family, and partners. "The true nurturers and doting 'mothers' of the zodiac, Cancers will stop at nothing to make sure a connection that stands the test of time," says Kirsten.

With an inclination toward domesticity, Cancer is truly in their element when they're able to build a home and future with someone. "Once this oceanic crustacean has caught you in its claws, you can be sure it's never letting go," Kirsten asserts.

Considered the most loyal sign, they will never run when the going gets tough. "Cancers will be there to support you both emotionally and physically, seeking ways to provide comfort, solace, and empathy in times of need," adds Kirsten. This often means they'll put your needs above their own, so do be sure you reciprocate this unwavering support.


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Astrologers agree that loyal Taurus is the sign you can trust to never leave you. Taurus is a fixed sign that, like Libra, is ruled by the planet of love, Venus. But like Capricorn, they "understand that great things take patience and hard work and they don't give up on something very easily," notes Redfield. "Once a Taurus decides they want to be with someone, it would take a lot to change their mind!"

Taurus is also a sign that strongly dislikes change. Though in some cases it can lead them to stay in unhealthy relationships, the positive side is that "they're likely to stay and fight rather than break up," according to Redfield.

"You can be an outrageous fool, but as long as you don't disturb their den or eat the last piece of chocolate cake they were saving for themselves, Taurus will have your back," quips author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.

At the end of the day, Taurus loves to love and will stop at nothing to make a relationship last. "What some regard as fiercely stubborn behavior, Taurus deems intense dedication," says Kirsten.

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