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The Most Trustworthy Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers  

Need to spill the beans to someone? Your secret's safe with these signs.

If you're thinking about spilling a secret, some people are far more loose-lipped than others. We all know that person who lets gossip slip immediately or who will quickly recount your indiscretions to make themselves look better. So before you let the cat out of the bag, consider who you're going to be sharing your innermost thoughts with. To help you figure out who to trust, we've turned to astrology. Read on to hear from professional astrologers about the most trustworthy zodiac signs, from generally reliable to unwaveringly virtuous.

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Sagittarius is a sign that's on the cusp of trustworthiness. Their thrill-seeking and adventurous personality makes them very open-minded, but this always-on-the-go lifestyle can sometimes lead them to be a bit reckless and loose-lipped. The key is making sure the Sagittarius in your life realizes how important it is they keep quiet.

Celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman describes Sagittarians as "open, honest, and secure in who they are." Much of that is because they're "ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, so everything they do, say, or think is large," she explains. They're confident in expressing themselves and don't understand why people try to hide the truth. Therefore, they'd rather hold your secret than have you lie to them.

This is also a sign who likes to forge their own path, hoping others will want to follow in their footsteps. "They perceive themselves as leaders and gurus, so they always feel responsible for their loved ones," says Futurio app astrologer Alice Alta. Sagittarians don't like to fail, so when you share confidential information, they'll avoid letting you down.


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If you've wronged a Virgo, they will likely hold a grudge and, after all their over-analyzing, can turn a bit spiteful. But when it comes to those in their inner circle, they're extremely principled.

"You can depend on a Virgo [because] they're well known for being meticulous, hardworking, and organized," explains Honigman. Since they pay so much attention to detail, they're able to suss out your innermost thoughts and feelings—and which of those should not be shared elsewhere.

This critical approach also makes them a steady and rational presence in times of chaos. Alta says that as long as you're honest with them, "they will respond in kind." What you see is what you get with this sign, so feel free to speak candidly to the Virgo in your life.

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Scorpios are famously mysterious, and part of maintaining that elusive air means keeping your secrets to themselves. "They are fantastic for sharing problems, issues, and difficult times, even though they have trust issues," says Aimi Davis, an astrologer at Online Mediums.

These signs are inherently untrusting of others, so they know how important it is to themselves be trustworthy and loyal. "People's secrets will follow them into the afterlife," Davis claims.

Though they'll take your deepest-and-darkest words to the grave, don't expect to get that same forthrightness in return. They're ruled by Pluto, the planet of secrets and things hidden beneath the surface, so it's hard for them to let their guard down.


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Capricorn is a sign that doesn't like to share their own emotions, and this spills over to what you've confided in them. "Extreme measures would be required to compel them to open up," Davis explains. "[They] will not only act as your pillar of support when necessary but also guard your darkest secrets under their thick exteriors." She says that they're extremely reliable, and when they make you a promise, they'll "follow through and mean it."

Outside of just keeping secrets, this is a sign you can trust to be moral and ethical in all aspects of life, especially in the workplace. Honigman notes that while Capricorn does highly value money, status, and getting to the top, "they're very principled and will not lie and cheat to get to where they're going." They know that any indiscretions will eventually catch up to them and hinder their plans for success.

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As the zodiac sign considered the most loyal, Cancers put friends and family above themselves and have a natural inclination to nurture these people in their lives. While they do have hard shells, "[Cancers] take everything to heart and… do unto others as they wish upon themselves," says Honigman.

Cancer's deep empathy also equates to being trustworthy. "Their high level of emotional intelligence enables them to comprehend others' suffering to the best of their ability," says Davis. "They have a keen sense of right and wrong," she adds, and they genuinely want their friends to confide in them. Letting down someone close to them is completely out of the question for a Cancer.


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Taurus loves taking care of people and would never betray their closest friends and family. Honigman says the energy of this earth sign leads to a strong desire for "comfort, security, safety, and trust." To get there, they don't gossip or talk behind people's backs, as this welcomes unwanted negativity.

Like Cancer, Taurus is an extremely loyal and supportive person to have in your corner. In this case, their stubborn side pays off, as they're steadfast in imparting the same comfort they desire to those they care about. This includes being a trusted confidant and someone you can depend on when things get tough. As Alta says, those in Taurus' circle "are unlikely to be let down or set up."

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