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The Most Sensual Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

These astrological signs are seriously seductive.

It's hard to put into words, but some people have a more sensual vibe than others. Maybe you went on a date with someone who made bedroom eyes at the table, or perhaps one of your friends can't go anywhere without flirting with the waiter. If you've ever wondered what makes some people more carnal than others, astrology could have something to do with it. Read on to find out the six most sensual zodiac signs, from slightly seductive to downright hedonistic.

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Virgos have a reputation for being intense and analytic, but they're also quite sensual. Certified astrologer and author of The Modern Witch's Guide to Natural Magick Tenae Stewart explains, "As the sign of the Virgin, Virgo is often talked about as being modest and chaste, but in ancient times, virgin simply meant a woman who was unmarried, unattached, and whole unto herself."

Still, don't expect Virgos to act particularly forward. Stewart observes that it's only "when their mind and body are stimulated" that they can "can express enlightened forms of sensuality."

Once Virgos are in a relationship, they'll let their innermost thoughts and feelings fly, no matter how intense. Spiritual Discovery Center astrologer Linda Berry describes Virgos as possessing "an eloquent and capable sensual quality in their relationships," especially when they're able to put their partner's needs above their owns.



Pisces want to be in a secure relationship and are always on the hunt for a partner. This quest for finding their better half often results in constant flirting. Whether a Pisces is chatting up a bartender or wooing romantic interests on dating apps, they seduce everyone they speak to.

Stewart calls this water sign "uber romantic" and obsessed with finding "a fairytale ending." But it's not just the fairytale they're focused on. She quips, "Pisces deeply values intimacy and emotional connection, especially in the bedroom."

Berry explains that because Pisces are so imaginative, they have the "ability to please their partner in the most sensuous ways." It helps that Berry says this water sign as "blessed with a great understanding of human nature and emotions," making it easy for them to relate to others.

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Libras are thought of as being studious, but they have another side to them. Stewart designates Libra as "a very intellectual sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and desire." This alignment means "Libras make excellent erotic fiction writers," and are creative in their seduction.

Libras often live their lives inside of the sensual romance novel fantasies they create for themselves.


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Leos are not just the kings and queens of the jungle. They're also the rulers of the bedroom. Stewart tells us, "Leo is one of the most fiercely passionate signs in the zodiac and doesn't shy away from physical connection, intimacy, and sensual self-expression."

Berry depicts this young-at-heart sign as "dramatic and proud of their sensual prowess, allowing them to exhibit their creativity." They receive lots of attention for their bold personalities, which helps them attract potential partners. Once they've found a love interest, nothing can stop them from being sultry.

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Tauruses are high on this list for a good reason. They're interested in merging their life completely with the perfect partner. According to Stewart, this is because "Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and desire." Folks who have been in a relationship with Taureans know just how intimate they can get, as this earth sign "tends to be deeply grounded and connected to their bodies."

Stewart tells us, "This sign is all about pleasure and sensuality."


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It won't come as a surprise that Scorpios are carnal. According to Stewart, "Scorpio rules all things sex, death, and the occult, so exploring their sensuality is perfect for Scorpios." It's not just Scorpios who are passionate. When the moon is in Scorpio each month, all of the signs start feeling a little frisky.

Berry categorizes this water sign as having "a greater need than most people," which can lead to them reaching "the deepest levels of sensuality with a partner they trust." These emotional people are rather fiery in the bedroom.

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