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The Most Indecisive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Making a choice is nearly impossible for these folks.

We all face moments of indecision, both small and large: who to get involved with romantically, which restaurant to order from for dinner, where to move. But for some people, making choices takes on a whole new meaning. These folks find themselves hemming and hawing over everything—often times making a selection, changing it, and then switching back again. Interestingly enough, there could be an astrological explanation for this. Read on to discover the six most indecisive zodiac signs, from the moderately wishy-washy to the severely unsettled.

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Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action. Because of that, they're always ready to make a decision—like, yesterday. However, sometimes this fire sign drowns under the weight of all their hastily-made commitments. "They'll make a decision quickly, and their stubborn Martian nature means they'll stick to it," says Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer. This will go on and on until the person realizes they can't—or don't actually want to—do the things they said they would. In turn, none of their commitments last long. "[This] gives the appearance of being very indecisive, even though they think they're super committed," says Honigman. Sure, your Aries friend may immediately say yes to a 7 p.m. dinner—but when 6 p.m. rolls around, don't be shocked if they back out. It's probably because they also agreed to a 5 p.m. painting class and a 9 p.m. cocktail hour.


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Virgo is one of the most practical and reliable signs—not one that's typically associated with traits like indecisiveness. However, relationship astrologer Anna Kovach notes that their tendency to want to review all the facts could make them slow to choose their path. "Rather than being quick to decide the best course of action, they'll make schedules, spreadsheets, lists, and flowcharts until they've analyzed every possibility and evaluated every option," she says. "They are likely to research and then overanalyze and overthink major choices." Fortunately, this isn't an issue for Virgos in everyday matters like choosing where to buy coffee or what to watch on TV. "But when it comes to big choices such as changing jobs or choosing a new place to stay, Virgo will obsessively analyze and stress themselves out over every option," says Kovach. If you see your Virgo pal stressing, walk them through their pros and cons list (we promise, they've already made one.)

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Your Sagittarius friend is likely always jetting off to Japan, then Monaco, then the Swiss Alps, and so on. That adventurous spirit is why they're so charming, but it can also make it tough for them to create roots in any one given place or with any person. "A Sagittarian never feels that desire to settle down or leave a sizeable legacy," says Honigman. "They're only interested in the here and now, and so they seem indecisive to the untrained eye." Don't be fooled, though: This sign is happy to make a choice when they need to. After all, how do you think all those plane tickets got booked?


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Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, Pisces can easily become overwhelmed by all the options presented to them on a daily basis. "Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and so Pisces want, equally and at the same time, to have a creative and also a corporate career, or to live in the city center and also the countryside," says Honigman. If you need them to make a choice quickly, you'll have to be firm. Unfortunately, they'll hem and haw forever if left to their own devices. "They'll stay home for nights on end, unable to decide where they want to go party, and they'll stay hungry and settle for beans on toast because they can't commit to a specific food order," says Honigman. A gentle nudge will be highly appreciated.

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Libras are one of the most personable signs of the zodiac, able to make quick connections with strangers and willing to chat the night away over a tray of chips and guac. They're also extremely diplomatic, a trait that comes from their ability to see both sides of a situation and empathize with everyone. "The sign of the scales constantly weighs the pros and cons of every decision," says Kovach. "They can see multiple perspectives and have a difficult time asserting one idea as the only right one." This can lead them down a road of contemplation or trying to find a solution that poses a compromise. However, if Libra believes others are being treated unfairly, they'll act fast. "[When] matters of injustice arise, Libra people will take the plunge and make up their minds to do what seems most fair and righteous," says Kovach.


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Represented by two faces looking in different directions, Gemini lands at the top of our list of the most indecisive zodiac signs. "The sign of the Twins is represented by duality," says Honigman. "They have two ideas, two plans, and often two partners at all times." Unfortunately, this can make them difficult to pin down—as they'll often wait until the last minute to make a decision, simply choosing what sounds best at that exact moment. (And yes, they may skip your birthday party if a friend provides them with a better-sounding option.)

Some famous Geminis have made this trait work in their favor, however. "In a culture that values maturity, honesty, and responsibility, Geminis may fail to thrive," says Honigman. "However, as musicians, gallery curators, interior designers, and inventors, they'll do well because they'll keep trying out new stuff and never stop innovating."

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