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The Worst Zodiac Sign to Invite to Your Party, Astrologer Warns

You might want to reconsider putting them on your guest list.

Planning the ideal party means developing an ideal guest list. You want a mix of people who are outgoing, sociable, and friendly, to guarantee that everyone gets along. But for some, going to gatherings can feel boring or even overwhelming. If you're wondering why certain friends aren't exactly the life of the party or always RSVP "no" because they'd rather be at home watching Netflix, astrology might be able to provide some insight. Read on to discover the six worst signs to invite to your event, from a little fussy to complete killjoys.

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Capricorns are extremely ambitious, which means it can be difficult for them to put their work aside for a fun time, especially if no networking is involved. Because of their focus on success, this sign will probably RSVP "no" if you invite them anywhere, tarot reader Kristin West says. But don't let that be disheartening. "Unless it's a business-related event, Capricorn won't see the use in attending," she explains. These work-focused friends famously have one-track minds, and it's usually spent brainstorming how they can climb the corporate ladder faster. While they'll happily spend time at a work happy hour, they're not as likely to want to go to your game night.


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Virgos prefer making lists and plans as opposed to partying. If they do show up, they want any event they attend to be exactly the way they like it. West describes Virgos as having "a critical and fussy streak." These perfectionists might come to your function, but if they show up they'll probably spend the whole time in the kitchen assisting you. West suggests asking a Virgo to help "decorate ahead of time and put their perfectionistic tendencies to work." That way, they'll have less to complain about once the social gathering gets started.

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Scorpios aren't necessarily the life of the party because they can easily be aloof and secretive. Don't expect them to open up during small talk. It's not that they'll lie, it's just that they might withhold information. West explains that "their tendency is to survey the room and see if there is anyone worthy of speaking to," which can make them seem "intimidating and mysterious." If that's what is attractive to someone, they could catch someone's eye at a get-together; but if it's not, they might come off as a little detached from the rest of the party.


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Geminis love telling stories about their exploits and making friends, which makes them a great addition to any guest list. But this two-sided sign might not want to go out at all if they're having a bad day. If they do decide to come to a celebration and they're not in the mood for it, West warns "you may get a lot of unwelcome snark and sass from your Gemini guest." There's a chance their quips could entertain at a dinner party, but if people don't realize they're kidding, this behavior could potentially offend guests.

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You never know what you're going to get when you invite a Leo. Leos famously thrive when they're the center of attention, but if it's a birthday, engagement, or wedding, they might offend the host when everyone is paying attention to them instead. West calls Leos a "wild card" event guest because of this unexpected behavior. She warns hosts, "If it's just a fun get-together, Leo is a go. If it's a celebration where one person is in the spotlight, Leo may unintentionally outshine the guest of honor."


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Aries can be brash and impulsive, which makes them difficult guests. West says they "mean well" but often live by their own "code, priorities and agenda." Aries is "not always aware of how their bravado plays in a room," which can make getting along with strangers difficult. It's also challenging because they don't always pay attention to etiquette rules. If an Aries doesn't text you after the party to say "thanks," don't be alarmed: They probably still had a good time and just don't know how to say it.

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