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This Zodiac Sign Is the Best Shoulder to Cry on, Astrologers Say

They're kind, caring, and might even shed a tear with you.

Sometimes, after a rough day at the office, an unexpected breakup, or a tough conversation with a family member, the only remedy is crying it out on a friend's shoulder. If you've had the same circle of companions for a while, you probably know exactly who to turn to in these moments of need. Most likely, they're great listeners, easy to talk to, and caring. But have you ever stopped to consider their astrological sign? It turns out, these fabulous friends may have that in common, too. Read on to discover the six zodiac signs that are the best shoulders to cry on, from slightly supportive to super sympathetic.

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We know what you're thinking: This enigmatic, thrill-seeking, and strategic sign couldn't possibly be a good shoulder to cry on. Well, think again. "Scorpio is the original secret keeper of the zodiac wheel," says Aliza Rose, professional astrologer at The Business Mystic. "They'll take your tears and fears to the grave."

Indeed, this sign's loyalty and supportiveness are unmatched. "They protect themselves with a protective wall," says Melissa Rhodes, co-founder and psychic at Psychics 1on1. "To those they confide in and support, they will continue to fight for them to the end." And because Scorpio is a water sign, it is also elementally aligned with emotions—meaning your Scorpio pal can help you work through your issues with ease.


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Sagittarius is known for being energetic, spontaneous, and intelligent. And according to astrologers, this fire sign also makes a good shoulder to cry on. "Sagittarius has such an optimistic and joyful energy that it can be difficult to feel down when you're in their company," says Laura Layes, certified astrologer and creator of the astrology community Astro Huns. "They're the type of friend who will whisk you away on a spontaneous trip to Bali to turn that frown upside down. This may not actually deal with the problem—but, hey, it's a free trip to Bali."

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Your Leo friend is likely bold, fiery, and upbeat. But if you ever turn to them in a time of need, they just might surprise you with their caringness and thoughtful advice. "Leos carry more than your average sprinkling of compassion in their nature," says Rose. "Coupled with their natural leadership, Leos give great counsel to anyone in distress." Because Leos have a sunny and energetic personality, it's tough not to feel better after talking to them.


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If you prefer to let it all out with someone who won't get deep into their emotions with you, turn to your Taurus friend. This patient, intelligent sign will give you the space you need to vent. "Taureans are a little reserved, so they won't make it all about themselves," says psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "Even though they're not particularly emotional themselves, you'll be able to express yourself without feeling judged."

What's more, they'll nurture your mind and body. "One unique quality they possess is that they always have some snacks around," says Honigman. "Come cry on their shoulder and stay for a feast. They'll hold space for you to feel, and then make sure you're fed and watered."

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Do you have a friend whose empathy is off the charts? They're probably a Pisces. "These individuals can actually take on the feelings of those who share with them," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. In fact, most experts consider this sign the most empathetic of them all.

There are other factors that make them a good shoulder to cry on, too. "When you need someone to validate your emotions and truly listen, seek out your Pisces friends," says Andrea Scalisi, an astrologer and owner of The Haven Shoppe. "They have a natural talent for meeting people where they are, without trying to force advice or 'fix' anything." Don't be surprised if this deeply emotional sign winds up crying right along with you.


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If you've spent any time studying astrology, then you likely saw this one coming. According to our panel of astrologers, Cancers make the best shoulders to cry on. This emotional, nurturing, and compassionate sign sincerely cares about its friends' worries—and will do anything to make them feel better. "Cancerians are loving and warm, emotionally available, and accepting," says Honigman. "They'll side with you so passionately, that they'll take your issue to heart, feel all the feels for you and with you, and soon it'll be a sob-fest for two."

Honigman notes that you need not feel guilty for dragging down your Cancer friend's mood. On the contrary, this zodiac sign loves a good emotional release.

So, why is this? According to Lars Mellis, astrologer and board member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, it's because Cancer is the only zodiac sign ruled by the moon, which governs all things related to feelings. "Cancer signifies the home, so this sign typically strives to make a nurturing home you can seek comfort in," says Mellis. So, if you need a shoulder to cry on, accept that nurturing spirit and seek solace from your favorite Cancer.

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