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Why You're Most Likely to Get Dumped, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

An astrologer says this is your biggest relationship flaw.

In the world of dating, everyone has certain things that turn them off. It can be anything from being a bad tipper or a smoker to having a moody or overly-dramatic personality. The good news is that we're all guilty of having a bad habit (or two), and just like astrology can tell you who your perfect partner might be, it can also tell you your fatal relationship flaws. We asked Best Life's resident astrologer to share her thoughts on why you're most likely to get dumped, based on your zodiac sign. Keep scrolling to see how you can adjust your behavior before it's too late.

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Lauren Ash is a celebrity astrologer and lifestyle writer. She writes weekly columns for Best Life and Glam, and hosts the weekly astrology and pop culture podcast Birth Chart Pls. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: You're too possessive and jealous.

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Charming and suave, Aries likes to take charge in any relationship. As the go-getter of the zodiac, you know exactly what you want, and you're not afraid to put yourself out there to get in. This direct communication style and ability to express your feelings freely is a huge turn-on for most people.

However, that passion can quickly turn ugly if the jealousy bug comes around to bite you. And if your partner starts to feel like you don't trust them or you're suffocating them socially, don't be surprised when they decide to call it quits.

Taurus: You're unwilling to compromise.

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Tauruses are usually pretty practical when it comes to the dating scene. You're not wooed by sweet words or flashy displays of romance; consistency and reliability are what you want out of a partner. As an earth sign, you're used to providing the rock-solid foundation needed to keep a relationship stable.

But you do have a bad habit of being too stubborn and inflexible when it comes to making decisions, sometimes to the detriment of your relationships. Remember, a partnership requires both people to give and take and make some personal sacrifices. And if you don't, your partner may start looking for the door.

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Gemini: You're too fickle with what you want.

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Geminis are sociable, fun, and flirty, so it's no wonder you're so popular on the dating scene. You can fit into any setting and love meeting new people. Rather than date based on looks or status, you prefer those who are well-rounded and have a good sense of humor.

But you don't have a type you like to date, which is what can lead you to be a bit fickle in what you want. And even when you do decide to make things official, your tendency to change your mind (and change it again) might leave your partner feeling a bit unstable. You'll want to be more decisive and vocal about your intentions, or you might find yourself single again very soon.

Cancer: You're too moody and passive-aggressive.

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Cancers are sentimental and nurturing, always going above and beyond to make your loved ones feel special. It's no wonder that you're a bit of a hopeless romantic. And while you'd never say it out loud, there's a part of you that expects the same in return.

The problem, of course, is that instead of communicating what's on your mind, you tend to play passive-aggressive games and act moody. Some partners might not have a problem with your pity party, but others won't stick around for the guessing games.

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Leo: You always make it about yourself.

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Leos are the confident and cool members of the zodiac, always performing for others. You can't help it that your light shines so bright; in fact, it's part of your charm. There's just something about your humor and energy that draws people right to you.

Your vanity and ego can become a bit of a problem, though, if you forget to make time for your partner. While dating you is never boring, it can feel a bit like playing second fiddle to someone else. That's why you need to learn to share the spotlight with your significant other and cheer them on the same way they do you. Otherwise, you might find yourself celebrating all of your accomplishments alone.

Virgo: You always need to be right.

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Virgos are very thoughtful and down-to-earth partners, often prioritizing serious relationships over casual flings. You know that healthy partnerships take time, patience, and dedication. And your eye for detail means you're always looking for ways to improve your connection.

However, you sometimes overdo it on helpful advice and tips and can become downright critical if you're not careful. A breakup for you won't come as a big explosion, but rather as a death by a thousand cuts. If you can't curb your tendency to give unsolicited advice, you might find yourself re-downloading Bumble sooner than you'd expected.

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Libra: You need a lot of attention.

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You win the title for the neediest sign, Libra. Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, you feel happier and more fulfilled when you have someone to share your life with. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or traveling the world, you like having a partner by your side.

Make no mistake though, your love of being in love doesn't mean you'll date just anyone; your standards are tough to meet. This is why when someone does meet them, you can get overly excited and overly clingy in response. Remember to keep your cool and give your partner some space, or you might find yourself alone.

Scorpio: You're bad at opening up.

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You might be sick of being called the mysterious one, Scorpio, but the truth is that it's hard to know what you're thinking most of the time. Even those closest to you who have proven their loyalty can find themselves worrying that you're not telling them the full story. As a water sign, it's difficult for you to stop sharing how you feel once you get started, so you're careful with what you tell others.

But your secrecy might leave your partner feeling confused or left in the dark—to the point they decide it's not worth trying anymore. Remember, it's OK to let your inner sensitive side out in a committed relationship.

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Sagittarius: You don't take things seriously.

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Upbeat, optimistic, and flirty, your carefree attitude is a major turn-on for people. You know how to have a good time and keep things fun, so it's no surprise you have a lot of success in the dating scene. Whether it's trying out a new restaurant or going to a local theater for a play, it's always a good time to go on a date with you.

The problem comes when it's time to get serious. As the freedom-loving wanderer of the zodiac, relationships can feel a bit confining for you. You have a whole thing about not committing even when you're having fun, and it's this flippant attitude that can send people running the other way.

Capricorn: You take things way too seriously.

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Dating a Capricorn can feel like being the center of the universe. As one of the most reliable and straightforward signs of the zodiac, people know they can trust you. When you say you'll get something done, you do it. Not only that, but you always show you care, never missing a birthday or anniversary. You take relationships just about as seriously as you take your career.

However, you have a tendency to get too serious too fast, which can make your partner feel overwhelmed. There's nothing wrong with wanting that once-in-a-lifetime love, but make sure you don't try to rush things before the other person is ready.

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Aquarius: You're a little flakey and noncommittal.

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Aquarians are eccentric, rebellious, and always challenging the status quo, so it's no surprise you take an unconventional approach to dating. It takes a very unique person to win your attention and keep it. And when they do, you'll go above and beyond to show them how special you think they are.

The issue is never with the dating phase of things for you; it's when it's time to put a label on things that you start to panic. Some might say you take a little too much time deciding whether or not you're ready to lock things down. And while you're wondering if you're up for the next step, your partner might start looking for the exit.

Pisces: You get attached way too fast.

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Idealistic and dreamy, Pisces are looking for a fairytale. You have an optimistic view of dating, love, and marriage. You're not the type to rush into a relationship just because it's convenient, and you like to take your time getting to know someone.

But once you've gone exclusive, you have a bad habit of losing yourself in the other person. Some might call it wearing rose-colored glasses, while others may say it's obsessive. Whatever the case, it can put a lot of pressure on your partner to be perfect. So, you'll want to be sure to maintain healthy expectations, or your crush might run off when you're not looking.

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