The Most Judgmental Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

The most critical sign might surprise you.

In life, some people are far more judgmental than others. While it can, at times, be warranted, there are overly critical types who are constantly found giving others serious side-eye for no reason. If there are certain friends you know who are a bit more fault-finding than others, there could be a reason for it: astrology. Read on to discover the most judgmental zodiac signs, from folks who sometimes say the wrong thing to those who analyze everyone around them at all times.

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Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, explains that Aries "can come across quite judgmental without really meaning to" because they often "speak before they think." If you think this impulsive sign disapproves of your behavior, it might just be because they're upset. Honigman explains that Aries often will say things they don't mean when they're angry; but once they're calm again, they'll regret their behavior. "That split second when they say something horrid, though, might make you question everything you've ever done," she warns.


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Taureans are short-tempered and can anger easily, so don't be surprised if they throw a little shade your way. Honigman explains that Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and "even though Venus is a lovely planet—named for a goddess both embodying the value of true love, compassion, and beauty—there is a catch." Taureans can be superficial and love everything around them to be perfect. If you're not what they want, Honigman warns, "they could give you a little sideways glance, which will be more than enough."

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These born leaders need to be the best because they're so ambitious, but that can occasionally lead to them making assumptions about others. Honigman explains that they're usually not judgmental—they simply want to be the best on a personal level. But if they're in a toxic workplace or relationship, they can't help but compare themselves to others and start criticizing those they're competing against.


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Watch out for Scorpios if you're afraid of a critique because they'll certainly want to offer one. "The combination of a water sign—which feels all the feels—with a fiery traditional ruling planet in Mars—that rages all the rage—is potentially explosive," explains Honigman. This sign can be volatile and disparaging because they often react immediately without thinking about their actions.

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If you've spent much time with a Virgo, it's possible you've always felt like they're silently judging you. Honigman confirms these suspicions because this "analytical sign is obsessed with the tiniest detail of stories and situations, and therefore can pass judgments based on imperceptible reasoning." These meticulous people always expect the best from themselves and others and if you don't live up to their standards, they won't hesitate to say something. But being this critical isn't necessarily a bad thing. Honigman says these characteristics make them "ideally suited to many challenging careers where precision and accuracy are valued."


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Honigman explains that Libra tops the list for a very good reason: "The symbol of Libra, the scales, is echoed at every place where judgments are made. Justice itself is depicted as a blindfolded lady, holding a scale." Libras love justice and "can easily tell guilty from innocent, useful from pointless," she adds. Because of this, being judgmental is useful for Libras and helps them make sense of the world.

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