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The Most Empathetic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They know exactly what you need and when you need it.

Some people have a natural ability to read minds. No, they don't know exactly what you're thinking every second of the day, but if you come to them with a problem, they'll instantly understand. Often, this is considered empathy, or the ability to sense others' thoughts and feelings. And it turns out, it can be determined by your horoscope. Ahead, astrologers tell us the most empathetic zodiac signs, from the highly in-tune to the somewhat psychic. Your social circle—and the people you turn to in times of need—is about to make so much more sense.

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This sign might not be able to feel what you're feeling, but they'll behave empathetically most of the time. "Aquarius is driven by a desire for social justice and equality, leading them to deeply empathize with the plight of marginalized groups," says Liz Roby, professional astrologer of Astrologify.

They'll join their local volunteer group, run for political office, and lead rallies that align with their favorite causes. And while they're often characterized as somewhat aloof, this sign will always show up to help or counsel a friend in need.


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The flashiest member of the zodiac, Leo isn't known for their empathetic side. However, Charette Vachon, astrologer and tarot reader, says that's a total oversight.

"Leo is a fixed fire sign that may not give much thought to its deeper emotions, but it is particularly sensitive to those of others," says Vachon. "When they are around close friends and family, Leos can exhibit a lovely and caring side." Turn to them for a listening ear, especially if you can count yourself among their inner circle.

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Virgo is a hardworking sign that's dedicated to the service of others. And when it comes to their friends and family—and often even strangers—they'll always go above and beyond.

"They are willing to help those in need in whatever practical way they can, whether it's their time, money, or emotional support," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. "This grounded earth sign has the ability to multi-task and can handle several situations at a time with grace and ease." If you truly need their support, you'll never be a burden to an empathetic Virgo.


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Friendly, helpful, and personable, Libra also ranks high on our list. "Libras have a natural ability to see all sides of a situation which makes them an exceptionally empathetic zodiac sign," says Berry. "Ruled by the planet Venus, they can be very creative in the ways they assist, which can include money as well as time."

What's more, this sign romanticizes lending a helping hand. "Their idealistic personality lends to wanting to serve in any way they can, especially when it concerns relationships close to them," Berry notes. They're always happy to help their friends.

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Not feeling your best? Call your Cancer friend. "Cancers are exceptionally kind, understanding, and most of all comforting," says Berry. "They are natural healers and understand the human heart better than any other sign."

For Cancer, the need to help others is more like a calling. "It would be against their nature if they did not give their time and emotional support to those they care about," Berry adds. They'll listen to your latest relationship drama from dusk until dawn and drop off a tray of cookies at your home the next evening.


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This water sign—represented by the fish—is inherently in-tune with others. "Pisces is the 'dreamer' and often swims in fantasy, allowing its deep thoughts to connect to others," says Michele D. Tell, tarot card reader and astrologer. "Ruled by Neptune, the planet of chaos, sensuality, dreams, and imagination, Pisces immediately understand what others feel, think, want, and desire."

In other words: if you describe a situation to them, they'll instantly understand your exact feelings about it. Sometimes, it might even seem like they're taking on those feelings themselves. That makes them the empath of all empaths.

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