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This Zodiac Sign Is the Best Listener, According to Astrologers

Need to get something off your chest? These folks make the best sounding boards.

You probably have a go-to list of people you call when you need a listening ear. These folks are likely highly empathetic, selfless, and nurturing. Or, maybe they offer a uniquely judgment-free zone or give incredible advice—it all depends on the type of conversation you're after. If you stop to think about it—or do an analysis of your contacts list—you might notice that this group of people share a horoscope. Ahead, astrologers tell us the zodiac signs that make the best listeners, from the slightly sympathetic to those who will accept your call no matter the situation.

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You might not expect reserved Capricorn to make the list of extraordinary conversation partners. But they have a key strength: listening closely and providing practical advice.

"Communication with Caps may be useful, as they give clues to solving your problems and give wise advice on what to do in this or that situation," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. "They won't cry with you, but they will do their best to show you a way out of the most complicated situation, which will definitely make you feel relieved." Moreover, they won't try to monopolize the conversation or make themselves the main character in your story.


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If you need a judgment-free zone, find these folks. "Aquarius is the sign connected with friendships and open-mindedness, and their natural ability to detach lends them a great capacity to listen without judging," says Fernanda Paiva, an astrologer certified by the London School of Astrology.

Aquarius is a strong friend in general, too, even if you're not chatting with them about a thorny topic. They're loyal, dependable, and always show up for a pal in need.

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Any conversation with a Scorpio is sure to be unique. "A highly spiritual Scorpio can see other people's shortcomings, psychological weaknesses, and lower programs of their subconscious," says Alta. "Plutonians may even help them get rid of all the flaws completely by pointing out the person's wrong behavior and bad intentions."

Obviously, this can come as a jolt, especially if you're expecting a more empathetic ear. But Scorpio's deep listening skills and insightfulness can help you improve. "If you start heeding Scorpions' words, you have a great opportunity to become better, combat your lower principles, and get rid of the burden of your past," Alta adds.


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You already know that your friendly, outgoing Libra pal is a great addition to any dinner party or brunch. But they're also fabulous one-on-one, too.

"Libra's air element is connected with communication and the need to exchange intellectually, and Libra is the sign that tends to focus their attention on the other person during a conversation," says Paiva. "That is one of the main reasons why they make great listeners." Go to them for casual chit-chat or to process a deeper issue. They're all ears.

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Cancer is the friend you should turn to if you're in crisis. "They are very empathetic, and their talent for feeling another person and supporting them with their care is undeniable," says Alta. "You may feel like you are in your parent's house, where you feel the much-needed love and tenderness."

Tough conversations are this sign's bread and butter. "As Crabs adore reflecting upon their own emotions and worries, they will be willing to support a conversation where people exchange their feelings and sincere thoughts," Alta adds. Plus, you'll likely be met at the door with a warm hug and a platter of cookies.


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According to Alta, this sign would rather listen to others than speak for themselves. So, it's no surprise they take our number-one spot. "Pisces are known for being born psychologists, so they like to listen to other people's problems," she says. "Plus, Fish are very compassionate, so if you open your heart to them, they will be happy to help you."

Once you get everything off your chest, Pisces will work with you to unpack the issue and potentially find solutions. "A well-developed Pisces can show a person the higher meaning of every event, making them see a hidden message in the most hopeless situations." There's not much more you could ask for in a listener.

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