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The Zodiac Sign Most Afraid of Commitment, According to Astrologers

Don't expect them to put a ring on it any time soon.

If you've dated a lot, you know that different people have wildly different approaches to commitment. Some folks are willing to move in with someone after just a month, while others take years to define the relationship. There's also a group of people who hate the idea of commitment entirely, fearing a loss of independence or feelings of possession. And it turns out, those people might share a horoscope sign. Ahead, astrologers tell us the members of the zodiac who are most afraid of commitment, from the prudently picky to the true commitment-phobes.

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A Taurus's fear of commitment is often subconscious, so they may have trouble articulating what's holding them back in the romance department.

"In their minds, they are desiring and want to commit, but their insides tell a different story," says Ian Altosaar, astrologer and creator of The Freedom Astrologer.

This subconscious bias against settling down can be attributed to past relationship struggles, whether those were romantic, familial, or platonic. "Most of their transformations and pains are all related to relationships, making it even scarier to commit to someone," Altosaar adds.

They require years of getting to know a person before they feel comfortable locking things down. However, once they do, Altosaar notes they love with passion and intensity.


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A Sagitarrius is likely more preoccupied with planning their next vacation or cooking seminar than they are with anything that might require more than a few months of time.

"Sagittarius values adventure and exploration and may fear the limitations that a committed relationship can impose on their ability to travel and experience new things," says Uni Agapeoracle and holistic wellness expert.

This struggle to commit can occur in other aspects of their life, too. For example, they might be hesitant to book a trip too far in the future for fear they'll change their mind; or they might avoid choosing a major in school on the off-chance they find a new passion.

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The sign of the Ram has difficulty committing to pretty much everything.

"Aries are known for their impulsiveness and may struggle with the responsibility and dedication that a committed relationship requires," says Agape. "The thought of committing to one person or career path may feel like a cage to these wandering souls."

They're much more at ease when they know they have a way out—so it might be challenging to convince them to put a ring on it in their relationship or get them to sign a multi-year contract at the office.


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This sign's internal turmoil can lead them to struggle to commit.

"A Virgo is someone who is extremely critical, and therefore can have a really tough time when it comes to commitments," says Patsy Sanchez, assistant editor for Zodiac Sign. "If something isn't working for them, they will be vocal about it, and leave any situation in which they don't want to be a part."

Both their relationships and professional lives can take a hit. "A Virgo strives for perfectionism in their life, and if something doesn't mesh, they don't want to stay committed to it," Sanchez adds.

Their high standards mean they'll flake as soon as they notice something not up to par.


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Gemini, the sign of the Twins, has a dual personality that is sometimes at odds. And when that happens, committing is near impossible.

"This sign is known for their adaptability and flexibility, and they may fear being trapped in a committed relationship that restricts their freedom to change and grow," says Agape. "They may also have trouble making decisions, which can make committing to a long-term relationship difficult for them."

It's no surprise they're also one of the signs most likely to cheat.

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Aquarius is somewhat of a lone wolf—and commitment simply isn't in their nature.

"This sign values freedom and independence above all else, and the thought of being tied down in a committed relationship can be intimidating for them," says Agape. "They may fear losing their autonomy and being unable to pursue their own interests and passions."

Fortunately, the sign isn't really attracted to long-term relationships in the first place. "Aquarius, the third zodiac sign of the air element, is experimental and would be the first to question monogamy and tradition in general," says Fernanda Paivaan astrologer certified by the London School of Astrology.

They'll pave their own way, whether that involves commitment or not.

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