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The Most Eccentric Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some people march to the beat of their own drum.

Whether it's eating only green foods or wearing a feather boa every day, some people are not afraid to embrace their eccentricities. These unique individuals don't let society dictate how they should act, and they embrace life's quirks. It could be astrology that holds the answer to why some people are more free-spirited than others. Ahead, hear from professional astrologers about which signs are the most eccentric, from a bit odd to totally out there.

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Cancers don't try to be quirky, they're just born that way. This water sign is emotional, and it's hard for people around them to understand what they're thinking since they don't enjoy talking about their feelings. Astrologer Bess Matassa describes Cancer as a "little mermaid who longs deeply long to belong," but often retreats into its "conch shell" in search of safety. Staying so closed off can easily lead Cancers to do things their own way, but if you're able to accept them, they are completely loyal to friends and family.


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Virgos can be judged as obsessive and overly analytical by their loved ones because they like things their own way. Matassa calls Virgos "self-possessed creatures [with] an integral inner code," adding that this can result in a "reverence for the littlest idiosyncrasies." Because they're so inquisitive, Virgos enjoy unraveling inventive ideas, and they appreciate the eccentricities in others, too.

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This optimistic water sign wants to make their pals happy, which means their personality seems to constantly change based on who they spend time with. "Pisceans can go to incredible lengths to make and keep friends, which makes them act eccentric," says Spiritual Discovery astrologer Linda Berry. Because Pisces are often a sponge for other people's energy, they tend to "take on the feelings and emotions of others, which clearly crosses personal boundaries," she adds.


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Unpredictable Sagittarius lives life without boundaries and can change their mind constantly, resulting in outlandish behavior. "[Their] inherently unmeasured quality leads to a luscious life without linear limits," Matassa claims. "The ruling planet of this fire sign is Jupiter, which encourages [Sagittarius] to go overboard when it comes to expressing their emotions, taking them to the extreme," Berry agrees, describing them as "smug and arrogant at times." These up-in-the-air reactions can easily confuse friends and family.

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Scorpios are magnetic and sexual and don't care if anyone judges them for their passionate actions. Matassa describes this unconventional sign as "wild and raw," but their secretive nature can be intriguing since you'll never really know what they're thinking.

In addition, Scorpios are often lucky, so they're not afraid to take chances most signs would steadfastly avoid. "Scorpios freak out others with their ability to land on their feet no matter what happens," Berry says, also noting that they "heal quickly from injuries and emotional trauma and can tolerate a great deal of pain."


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Aquarians constantly have their head in the clouds. These revolutionaries can get carried away with lecturing about their social causes. "The line between genius and madness is thin for Aquarians because they tend to be zany types who seem downright crazy," Berry explains. This air sign is super bright and loves to spend hours at home researching their favorite topics, which she says is because they "process information faster than most."

This obsession with investigating can be seen as "unconventional, rebellious, individualistic, inventive, and non-conforming," according to Berry. This leads Aquarians to often feel misunderstood and retreat to their studies, when in fact most often they're right. "They can be so brilliant that their ideas are not proved right until they are elderly or dead," she warns. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and Mozart are all Aquarius examples.

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