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The Most Artistic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers  

Some signs are destined to be painters, musicians, dancers, and more.

Some folks are simply a bit more artistic than others. These smart, savvy signs are always up to something, whether it's painting, decorating, or writing music. If you've always wondered why some people burn themselves with a glue gun every time they attempt a craft project while other people make magic happen with glitter alone, astrology could offer an explanation. Read on to discover the most artistic zodiac signs, from the slightly creative to the master artists.

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Geminis are known for their creativity. Astrologer and tarot reader Inbaal Honigman describes this clever sign as "quick to pick up techniques, learn an instrument, memorize lines, or flow with new ideas." Since Geminis are often good with words, they are great songwriters, including Paul McCartney and Prince. "Gemini can find expression through the arts to be a beautiful way to harness their creative talents," says Honigman.


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Aquarians are usually scientists, but some can be quite creative as they see the world in a different light. Honigman says their investigative way of looking at things can lead to expression "in the realms of art of all kinds." However, don't expect simple paint by numbers from this sign. Honigman explains they long for "more avant-garde art forms" and don't use "typical methods or mediums."  If an Aquarius pursues art, they might use household items or even scientific solutions to make something more interesting than pretty.

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Honigman says this intense, deep sign is able to express themselves "in traditional and non-traditional forms, including artistry in their chosen field." But this doesn't always mean actual art: Scorpios can be successful engineers, mechanics, or doctors who thrive in their fields because of their inventiveness. Honigman points to Pablo Picasso and Bill Gates as examples of this multifaceted sign.


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Leos are naturally dramatic and they're always looking for a way to express themselves. "The natural ruler of the fifth house of creative pursuits, Leo isn't afraid to be themselves," says Honigman. Often, this means expressing themselves in different ways, including as actors, musicians, and dancers.  "Pursuing their creative passions is in fact an important way for them to feel happy, healthy and whole," Honigman tells us. Madonna is a famous Leo who thrives when all eyes are on her.

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Virgos seem quite serious and analytical, but they love expressing themselves in new ways. Honigman describes Virgos as "keen lovers of art and beauty who appreciate grounding themselves in creative projects and artistic endeavors." Virgos often become musicians, writers, architects, designers, producers, and more.  They especially love mixing their originality with their ability to plan, making them perfect band leaders and movie directors. Beyoncé is a famous Virgo who fuses her vision with her planning skills.


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Pisces love being creative, whether with home design, photography, or painting. Honigman says this is because "Pisces is never fully in this realm and therefore has access to innovations, ideas, and creative flow like no other sign." They're often seeking inspiration and express themselves in music, art, design, or more. Honigman warns "the challenge is bringing the magic down to Earth." Michelangelo and Albert Einstein are two examples of this expressive sign.

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