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27 Inspiring Journal Prompts for Stumped Writers

Journaling has tons of positive benefits, and these prompts will get your creative juices flowing.

Journaling has myriad benefits for your mental health. Keeping a journal allows you to process your emotions and thoughts in a healthy way and the act of putting things down on paper can help you manage anxiety and stress. Years from now, your journal will serve as a reminder of how you felt at specific moments in time. But if you're new to journaling, you might not know where or how to start. While some people can start scribbling down their thoughts without much effort, others need a bit of direction. If you're new to journaling or have run out of things to write about, we have 27 inspiring journal prompts for you. And if you're looking for more solo activities, check out 17 Things to Do by Yourself While You're Social Distancing.

Introspective journal prompts

Journal prompt

 1. Describe your current mood without using any adjectives.

2. Write a list of things you feel that you are deficient in or fear being deficient in. For each deficiency, write a journal entry about what you do have in relation to that deficiency.

3. Describe in exquisite detail how you hope to spend this exact day next year.

4. Write about something that is no longer serving you, then let it go.

 5. Think about a change or decision you are trying to make. Draw a Venn Diagram. On one side, write things that scare you about this change, and on the other side write things that excite you about this change. In the middle, write what is both exciting and scary about this change. Take it in.

6. Write about a color that describes how you are feeling right now.

7. Write about something you have taken for granted and consider what you could do to change that.

8. Describe your perfect partner (romantic or platonic). Describe how they make you feel.

9. What was the best thing that came from the worst thing to happen to you recently?

10. Write an explanation of something you are struggling with that others don't see.

11. Identify your fatal flaw that could lead to your downfall. Write about eradicating that flaw.

12. Let yourself overthink for five minutes. Write down every thought you can and examine each.

13. What is your main energy source outside of food? What nourishes your will to do things?

14. Write about what you learned from your last relationship that will help you be better in your next one.

15. Identify a decision or action you feel poorly about. Write an apology letter to yourself. Forgive yourself.

16. Identify whether you are lying to yourself about anything. Write a journal entry breaking the truth to yourself.

17. What is something surprising you have learned about yourself this week? This month? This year?

Creative journal prompts

Journal prompt

18. Write a journal entry thanking someone for a really tiny favor.

19. Describe the feeling of being in love without using adjectives.

20. Pick a force of nature that you resonate with and elaborate.

21. Describe what a painting based on your personality would look like.

22. Read "How to Live" by Charles Harper Webb. Model your journal entry after his poem but describe how to live from your perspective.

23. Write from one of your body part's perspectives.

24. Describe something you are in love with that is not a person.

25. Write a letter to your younger self.

26. Describe something specific without ever using the word.

27. Write about a rejection that ended up having a positive effect on your life.

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