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The Most Shy Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

There might be an astrological reason you've been so bashful.

Perhaps you've questioned why your colleague never speaks up in meetings, or the reason it's difficult to introduce your significant other to new people. Certain astrological signs are naturally quiet and timid—as opposed to their more extroverted friends—but they'll usually open up once they feel comfortable. Read on to discover the most shy zodiac signs, from a little bit bashful to shrinking violets.

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This sign has a reputation for being outgoing, but they're only truly engaging once they get to know someone. "Sagittarius isn't really that comfortable with swarms of people following their lead," says astrologer Maria Hayes. "They tend to put on a mask in dealing with others, but deep down, they don't really expose their inner thoughts or feelings."

Don't expect them to be completely reserved, however. Once you gain the trust of a Sagittarius, they'll feel completely comfortable around you.


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Pisces is the first water sign to land on the list, although they all make the most-shy cut. This private, intuitive sign soaks up other people's energy like a sponge, and they like to keep an emotional distance from others to protect themselves. Hayes thinks this reservation is "a consequence of Pisces' pursuit of spiritual awakening, which probably isn't everyone's cup of tea."

Pisces want to make sure their new pals will be comfortable with their sometimes-out-there ideas before they share them.

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This earth sign can have difficulty connecting to unknown people simply because they're not interested and would rather be alone. "They are known to be highly calculative and logical, sometimes to a fault," Hayes advises. "The next time you bump into them, know that it will take a long time for Capricorn to lower their shields and express their inner feelings."

When Capricorns do get comfortable, they have a biting wit that might surprise you.


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This water sign has trouble being vulnerable and therefore can appear aloof. According to Hayes, "Scorpios are known to be timid primarily because they are highly reserved individuals." They're not actually detached, though. "Instead, they have a deep understanding of themselves, to a point that they don't want to get exposed," Hayes explains.

To protect themselves, Scorpios will first build trust with friends before sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings.

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Strong-willed Virgos appreciate doing things on their own, whether it's succeeding at work or checking out a new movie. "Focused and determined to achieve their goals, they don't really have the time and energy to make superficial connections with their peers," Hayes states. Because they don't focus on forming relationships, Virgos can appear reticent and difficult to connect with.


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Much like their crab counterparts, this water sign loves nothing more than hiding out behind its protective outer shell. Cancers adore being around their friends and family, but they don't have much patience for random small talk with strangers.

This nurturing sign "reserves their efforts and energies only for people they recognize and value," Hayes tells us, adding that "if you are part of that small circle, well, lucky you since Cancer is probably the warmest and most loving."

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