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The Least Trustworthy Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

You shouldn't tell these astrological signs any of your secrets.

They say the best relationships are built on trust, and it's important to be sure your values align with your partner's. Consistency, compassion, and reliability are just a few qualities that go into building a relationship where you can depend on one another. When it comes to honesty or relying on someone to keep their word, astrology can actually play a major role in who ends up being the best (and worst) confidants. Read on to discover the six least trustworthy zodiac signs, from a little deceitful to the most disloyal.

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While Aquarius is known to be one of the most honest zodiac signs, that doesn't necessarily make them trustworthy. Aquarius are out-of-the-box thinkers who are gifted at dreaming big but may lack the follow-through to execute small details. They tend to be more analytical than emotional, and it's unlikely you'll ever really know what an Aquarius is actually feeling. As the fixed air sign of the zodiac, they tend to be stubborn and a bit ego-driven. This can oftentimes interfere with their ability to be loyal friends or make them put others before themselves.


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Virgos are known for their down-to-earth communication style. Unlike other signs, Virgos aren't interested in deceiving others or stepping on people to get ahead. They prefer to work hard for their luck in life. This makes Virgos very reliable friends to those in their inner circle. However, they don't allow just anyone into their bubble, and if you find yourself at odds with a former Virgo best friend, keep one eye open. Virgo is ruled by Mercury–the planet of communication–meaning they are the masters of observation and subtle shade. Not only do they know how to keep a grudge like no other, but they are skilled at manipulating information to paint themselves in a better light.

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Sweet, dreamy, and thoughtful, Pisces is one of the easiest signs of the zodiac to get along with. It's hard to find anyone who doesn't love them. However, their mutable energy makes them less confrontational than other signs. Rather than work at the uncomfortable parts of a partnership, Pisces tend to hide away from people that challenge them too much. This becomes especially problematic due to this sign's people-pleasing ways. While they hate disappointing people, it doesn't necessarily mean they're good with the follow-through. They have a hard time sticking to their word. As pleasant as Pisces is to be around in a casual setting, they're just too unreliable for important things.


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As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries has the natural ambition to succeed. They are driven by an internal fire to be the best and brightest at everything they do. They are also known for their competitive personalities, and nothing and no one can stand in the way of them achieving their goals. And while Aries are generous with friends, they can be ruthless with their enemies. If you're standing between an Aries and the thing they want most, the gloves are definitely coming off.

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Gemini is one of the most sociable zodiac signs, making them very popular among their peers. Gifted with the ability to blend into any social situation, Geminis have no trouble communicating with people from many walks of life. In fact, they prefer novelty in their relationships and friendships. As the sign of the "twins," Geminis are often painted as wishy-washy. They're famous for changing their opinions and moods on a dime–making it difficult to know what they're really thinking. So, if you're going to rely on a Gemini for anything important, make sure you have a backup plan just in case.


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Sagittarius are some of the most open-minded and straightforward signs of the zodiac. Their tendency to frequently switch careers, friend groups, and even zip codes give them a unique perspective on life. It's unlikely you'll feel talked down to or judged by a Sagittarius. However, they can be a bit reckless when it comes to life. They have a tendency to stick their nose in other people's business and aren't exactly known for their ability to keep a secret. So while you can always count on them to give you excellent advice or an objective opinion, you might be better off sharing your dirty laundry with a different friend. There's no guarantee anything you say to a Sagittarius will actually stay between the two of you.

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