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The Most Fame-Hungry Zodiac Sign, Astrologer Warns

These astrological signs will do anything to reach the top.

You know what they say about star power: some people just have it. With the rise of social media, it's easier than ever for a virtual nobody to become a household name overnight. But that increased access also makes the market for superstardom crowded. It takes a lot more than natural talent to make it in the world these days. Some say luck is the biggest factor in gaining fame and fortune and while that's true, there's also a lot your astrological sign can say about your exposure. Read on to discover the six most fame-hungry zodiac signs, from a little eager to total clout chasers.

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Ruled by luxurious and romantic Venus, Taurus tend to enjoy the finer things in life. Their lust for fame comes from a love of the lifestyle, not necessarily the attention. This earth sign is known for their stubbornness, dedication, and smarts. As the sign influenced by the second house of money, values, and material wealth, Taurus knows a thing or two about raking in the green. When they set their mind to achieving a goal–like fame–there's nothing that can stand in their way.


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As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are the natural innovators. They're not interested in repeating the same path of success as those who came before them. Along with being creative and very imaginative, they are relentless in their goals. For Aries, it's important to be the first to do something or be considered the best at something, and the warrior influence of Mars makes Aries incredibly competitive and ambitious. Aries feel as though they were born to make a mark on the world, and they're not going to let anyone stand in their way. When they want something, they pour every ounce of emotion they have into making their dreams a reality. One thing's for sure: Aries aren't afraid of a little competition.

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Life is a party, and Geminis know how to work the room. Ruled by Mercury, this chatty air sign has the social skills and charm to talk their way to the top. Their keen observation abilities make them better than most at seeing an opportunity and striking while the iron is hot. Because of their adventurous spirit, Geminis have a pretty strong tendency to become famous public figures, writers, and social media personalities. And while some may say their "two-faced" nature makes them extra cutthroat, their versatile and curious personalities are what give them the ability to shine in any situation. There's no sign better suited for superstardom than these natural social chameleons.


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While they're normally known for their fair and balanced approach in life, Libras have a secret ambitious streak hiding under the surface. As one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, they have a natural talent for leadership, which makes them incredibly popular among their peers. It also happens to make it easier for them to rise through the ranks. They thrive off of social interactions and often feel energized in large social settings. This friendly nature is what makes Libra likely to be famous. Watch out for that sweet smile, though. Libras are not afraid to play dirty if it means tipping the scales in their favor.

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Capricorns are known to be the most hardworking and frugal sign of the zodiac. They keep a tight inner circle and tend to downplay their accomplishments in public. But don't let the humble act fool you. Wealth and status are everything to a Capricorn, and they're determined to be rewarded for their work. While other signs rely on their charm or connections to achieve fame, Capricorns will just work harder at something for longer than their peers until they come out on top. It's their way or the highway on their road to success.


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Lights, camera, action! There's just something about Leos that loves the spotlight. Leo rules over the fifth house of creativity, glamour, attention, and adoration. As the only zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, they're used to having all eyes on them regardless of where they are or what they're doing. These bold and creative fire signs aren't afraid to make fools of themselves if it means getting a few laughs. Their natural swagger gives them the confidence to chase their dreams no matter the odds. Even if you can keep up with their talent, you'll need to keep yourself from being intimidated.

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