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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Shopaholic, According to an Astrologer

These astrological signs love to buy all designer everything.

We all have our vices. Some of us find comfort in food and drink while others clock in countless hours on social media. But one of the most infamous guilty pleasures is retail therapy. From breaking the bank on the trendiest clothes to overindulging in hobbies like books and cooking classes, this habit can take a serious toll on your finances. Wondering if you're particularly prone to becoming a shopaholic? Read on to learn which six zodiac signs are the biggest shopaholics, from slight overspenders to big-time buyers.

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If you have a Sagittarius in your life, you know this sign doesn't hesitate to swipe its credit card in the pursuit of travel and new experiences. "They love to explore, travel, and seek knowledge in a variety of ways," says Kim Woodsevolutionary astrology master and intuitive business strategist. While Sagittarius might not splurge on traditional items like makeup, bags, and shoes, they could rack up quite the bill at the airport or souvenir shop.


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Curious Gemini is prone to becoming a shopaholic for a similar reason as Sagittarius. "Each is attracted to the new and shiny," says Woods. She notes that Gemini is quick to sign up for new workshops, classes, and programs. Of course, that's not a bad thing—this free-spirited sign simply wants to experience as much as possible. To keep their spending in line, they should focus on one new hobby at a time.

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Pisces is the worst zodiac sign with money—and part of that has to do with their tendency toward retail therapy. "Pisces seeks escape due to their sensitivity to what's happening in the world," says Woods. "Retail therapy is a relatively minor escape and one Pisces enjoys again and again."

That's combined with the fact that Pisces doesn't put much value on money in the first place. The sign typically lets career opportunities pass them by and is often underpaid in the workplace. Overspending has the potential to derail their finances if they don't limit their shopping sprees to a sensible level.


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Libra's people-pleasing nature contributes to their overspending. "If Libra has a partner who is extravagant, they will want to look their very best too," says Woods. "The adoration Libra seeks is from the partner, but everyone [can appreciate their] elegance and grace."

To keep their spending in check, Libras should consider why they are making a purchase. Is it because that item is filling a need in their life or because they want to impress someone with an impulse buy? Any product that falls into the latter category should be left at the store.

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Scorpios are one of the best Zodiac signs with money—and also the best at spending it. "Scorpios have the tendency to become addicted to their desires," says Woods. "They get consumed by wanting to have it all. This could be any and all possessions or material goods."

Woods notes the sign has expensive taste and typically collects pricey baubles such as art, jewels, antiques, and rare artifacts. Fortunately, Scorpio's propensity for bringing in a large income can happily cover these charges.


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The stylish Leo is the Zodiac sign that's most prone to becoming a shopaholic. If you are a Leo or are close to one, then this should come as no surprise. "Leo is filled with style and flair and loves to look their best," says Woods. "[The sign] is all about designers and name brands."

Leo lives to refill their closets and can't help but be surrounded by beautiful things—no matter how many trips to pricey department stores it requires. So, is it possible for Leos to keep things in check? With a strict budget, possibly.

However, in many ways, this is just how Leos behave. "This sign is extravagant, indulgent, and luxurious," says Woods.

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