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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Scam You, According to an Astrologer

An astrologer reveals there's a certain sign that's more likely to hustle you.

From con artists and catfishes to pretend socialites, scammers come in various forms. For most, trying to dupe others isn't the default. But for others, taking advantage of people and damaging their reputation or livelihood can be a way of life. While some fraudulent personalities might experience a semblance of guilt, others won't think twice. Of course, discerning who might be a swindler isn't always clear. But a deeper look at what lies in the stars could help guide you. Read on to see which zodiac sign is most likely to scam you, from the amateur hustlers to the sneakiest shark.

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Aquarius enjoys having the flexibility to do anything they want. While they are sophisticated, self-sufficient, brilliant, extraordinary, and hopeful, they are largely concerned with themselves. "Aquarius will defraud if it benefits them," says Emily Newman, a psychic reader and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Readers."They are emotionally prepared to destroy you." While this air sign is nice, they can be reckless, too. Thus, you should be aware that they have the potential to "largely emotionally damage you."


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The scam is all about confidence, and no one can beat Leo when it comes to that quality. It's no secret: Leos enjoy being in the spotlight. Therefore, they will tell you a lie to grab your attention and fulfill their ego. "They are great con artists, but they will never make it to the 'big leagues of scamming' because they have too much heart," says Newman. "They can fool you, but they will rescue you in the end." That will ultimately prove to be an advantage on your end.


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Like Leo, Aries is known for loving the spotlight. "They'd rather have a blindly loyal disciple who only wants to be near them because of their great presence," says Newman. However, this fire sign can be insensitive, short-tempered, and backstabbing. That can signal a recipe for hustling. The good news? "They are not the best scammers since they want the limelight most," says Newman. Crisis (hopefully) averted.

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Capricorn is a master of duplicity and can easily deceive others. They're pessimistic, greedy, cynical, afraid, relentless in pursuit of a goal, inflexible, and frugal. "Capricorns pay attention to every detail and can defraud you to get what they want," says Newman. "They may endanger you if they run away from their responsibilities." It's not all bad news though. This sign is trustworthy in long-term relationships, "yet they will put themselves above everyone else when they perceive danger," adds Newman.


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Scorpio is a definite player. "They are so skilled at communication and manipulation that you never know when they will fool you," says Newman. "You believe whatever they say, and bingo! They will con you." Unfortunately, with this water sign, you'll never know who they are or what their true intentions are. "Even after being duped, you can't believe they conned you," she adds.


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Cancer is calm and sweet, so you'll never know what they're really thinking: They may easily fool you. This kind of duplicity makes them the zodiac sign that's most likely to scam you.

"On the other hand, they are temperamental, and Cancerians become extremely cautious and hungry for revenge," says Newman. "They are incredibly emotional, so if you hurt them, they have no qualms whatsoever about conning you." In fact, they will relish plotting against you.

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