The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Be a Serial Killer, Astrologers Warn

Experts reveal which astrological sign has murderous tendencies.

When you're checking your horoscope, you're probably looking for insight on relationships, work, or personal growth. But maybe you're more intrigued by specific personality types—maybe ones that put the "horror" in horoscope. Just as your zodiac sign can reveal whether someone is passionate, driven, or calm, it can also unearth some more sinister details—like if someone could be more predisposed to murderous tendencies. Read on to discover the zodiac sign most likely to be a serial killer, from just a bit bloodthirsty to most homicidal.

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Calculated and obsessive, Capricorns will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. And since they're ruled by the authoritarian planet of Saturn, they can also have a pretty malicious power complex. "As serial killers go, they operate as the most efficient and strategic ones," says Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Cooban.

Capricorns enjoy playing "the long game," says psychic Aycee Brown. "It's not as simple as killing for them," she says. "They justify their action as if they are doing good for a cause."


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Sensitive cancers find regulating their emotions a difficult task. "Ruled by the moon, their emotions are tied to ever-evolving lunar cycles, making them erratic and unpredictable people," says Cooban. "Therefore, this can lead to explosive outbursts and committing violent crimes of passion." Still, a Cancer's killings are less likely to be premeditated. "They operate according to their emotions and kill on a whim," adds Cooban.


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While Geminis do not rank at the very top of the serial killer leaderboard, they are still very strong contenders. As another mutable sign, "they make adaptable and indecisive people, mirroring the same precarious energy of a transitioning season," says Cooban. They also happen to be extremely charismatic and charming, too, which is "a key component of a serial killer's twisted modus operandi."

Brown adds that their "split personality" can make it easy to fool others. "They are usually ones that have perfect lives by day and then at night their other side comes out to play," she says. "So when they go back to regular life they can pretend that they are 'good' in the life they lead."

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Like the other water signs, Scorpio similarly possesses a dark, sinister side that is ruled by emotion. "Scorpios are famously manipulative, revengeful, and hold their cards close to their chest," says Cooban.

The sign is also ruled by Mars, a planet of action, passion, and aggression. "The dark side of Scorpio allows them to fulfill their fantasies about killing," adds Brown. "They have thought about it before but when they act, it's out of petty revenge and their egos need to win."



Sagittarians are synonymous with spontaneity and risk-taking, and they have far less consideration for consequences and repercussions. As a mutable sign, "they may be less successful at covering their tracks than a Capricorn, but their hedonism and nonchalance make them far more likely to commit a killing than most other signs," says Cooban.

"Their kills will involve adventure and suspense and taking victims on a journey,"Brown says. Murder is "like a game to them."


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The final sign in the zodiac, Pisces is the most likely to be a serial killer. As another mutable sign, they are "adaptable and quick-thinking individuals," says Cooban. That makes them a recipe for potentially cunning criminals. "Pisceans, in particular, are especially sensitive people, leading with their emotions and taking everything to heart," adds Cooban. "This can lead to pretty dangerous situations if a Piscean has a murderous streak."

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