The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Cheat, According to Astrologers

Sometimes it's the people you least expect who will be unfaithful.

You may think you have all the info necessary to pick up a cheater—someone who hides their phone, disappears without explanation, or who's suddenly gotten in great shape. But some red flags that signal infidelity may have less to do with actions and more to do with the stars. To understand this better, we consulted professional astrologers to get their take on the zodiac sign most likely to cheat. From unknowingly unfaithful to daringly adulterous, the full list of unfaithful signs might surprise you.

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You may find it odd that level-headed and always-pragmatic Capricorn is on this list. But it's these traits that enable them to compartmentalize their life and distance themselves from the emotional aspect of cheating, explains astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet.

"Capricorns are powerful and hardworking and look for [those same] traits in their partner," adds psychic reader and astrologer Emily Newman.

If their partner checks those boxes, they'll be content, but if not, all bets are off. And considering that Capricorns are known for burning the midnight oil at the office, it's even easier for them to keep this secret.


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Just because Pisces is the sensitive romantic of the zodiac, doesn't mean they'll always be monogamous. In fact, it's their love of love that gets them in trouble.

"Pisces expect their relationships to resemble scenes from Titanic," says Bennet. "When it becomes too 'real' they seek their romance fix elsewhere."

However, as Newman explains, Pisces is much more likely to cheat emotionally rather than physically. "They are constantly looking for emotional security … but they do not want to cheat."

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If there's one thing Leos are known for it's their constant desire for attention. Whether it's being the center of the dance floor at a wedding or monopolizing the conversation at dinner, they want all eyes to be on them.

So it's no surprise that Leos "love the thrill of the chase and the giddiness that comes with first encounters," as Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical, notes. "Others can't help but be drawn in by their magnetic personality, which can lead to a wandering eye even if they originally had zero intention of straying."

And as Newman adds, if Leo's partner isn't giving the attention they crave, they'll be extra likely to cheat.


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Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance. And like Pisces, this makes them overzealous about the idea of being in a relationship.

"Obsessed with beauty, equilibrium, and balance, Libras love to surround themselves with attractive partners," explains Kirsten. "They're quick to get caught up in the idea of 'there's always someone better, more suited out there,' causing them to make a swift, yet subtle exit when something seemingly more desirable comes their way."

As the sign of justice, Libra will rationalize their actions by telling themselves they were being treated unfairly in their relationship, Bennet points out. "They simply want their share of the cake."

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The sign of the twins is known for their indecisiveness and also for being the zodiac's social butterfly—a recipe for disaster when it comes to cheating.

"Prone to flaky behavior, this air sign can be incredibly tough to rely on, especially where big commitments or future relationship plans are concerned," Kirsten shares. "They aren't keen on the idea of commitment as saying 'yes' to one thing means saying 'no' to another—often, another potential suitor."

Newman adds that Gemini is likely to be unfaithful when they get bored, which isn't uncommon for this energetic sign. "If you are dating a Gemini, keep them active and interested."


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Taking the number-one spot is fire sign Aries. As the leader of the zodiac, they're fiercely independent, which means they, like Gemini, have a hard time being tied down.

"Aries is all about passion, exploration, and self-discovery," says Kirsten. "They adore the initial stages of getting to know someone, but when it comes to deeper, more meaningful attachments, they're ready to bolt and play the field again."

Another catalyst for Aries' cheating ways is their temper. "They got angry quickly and calmed down quickly," notes Newman. But in a moment of hot-headed animosity toward their partner, they'll find no shame in turning to someone else.

"You must prepare to give [constant] attention and appreciation to them … to keep Aries loyal," Newman adds.

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