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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Hurt Your Feelings, According to Astrologers

Whether it's with their words or actions, these signs know how to make others feel bad.

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us—right? Unfortunately, once we grow up, we learn that this rhyme isn't always so true. It sure does hurt if a friend invites everyone but us to a party, or a coworker rolls their eyes during our presentation, or a family member comments on our appearance. As it turns out, those hurling these slights might share a horoscope. According to astrologers, certain zodiac signs are more likely to hurt your feelings than others. Read on to learn who tops the list, from slightly rude to remarkably malicious.

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The perfectionists of the zodiac can't help themselves—they have a set idea of how things should be done, and when others don't adhere to this, it makes them anxious and angry.

"A Virgo is sure to drive the point home until you understand that they are right and you are wrong, and most often, telling you once isn't enough," says Danny Santos, astrologer and founder of Santos & The Crystal Visions. "Should you resist Virgo's scrutiny, they will attack you from other angles to divide and conquer your insecurities."


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Leo is ruled by the egotistical Sun. Therefore, they think they're better than their peers and "seem to lack a filter or consider how their words and actions will affect others," notes Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense.

The sign of the lion also craves being the center of attention, "dazzling the masses with their performative and playful nature," describes Santos. But should you try to steal their spotlight, "Leo may retaliate through territorial behavior, bossiness, and cutting down their competition," he adds.

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The adventurous world travelers of the zodiac, Sagittarians are fun-loving and typically have no problem making new friends.

"However, there is no hiding from the fact that Sagittarians are ruled by the Fire element, meaning they can hurt people's feelings without even realizing," explains Clare. "They think and act so quickly that often they don't mean the words they say, slipping up and causing offense as a result."

In fact, Sagittarius is considered the sign most likely to put their foot in their mouth. Their blunt delivery is rarely malicious, but their impulsiveness causes them to say things they should keep to themselves.


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Well known gossipers, it's no surprise Gemini lands on this list. They're ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, but they can do a little too much talking.

"Their intentions are often to socialize, build community, [and] establish deeper relationships," says Santos. But they have trouble biting their tongues or keeping a juicy rumor to themselves.

So, while they may not hurt your feelings to your face, when you find out what they've been saying behind your back, it can feel like a punch to the gut. "Geminis are the epitome of throwing gas on the fire and causing problems for people," says Clare.

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"Whether an Aries is trying to hurt your feelings or not is irrelevant," says Santos. "Instead, it's more important to know that Aries is embracing their love of conflict, their rambunctious and impetuous nature, and desire for excitement."

As the most selfish zodiac sign, "they are not reliable," according to Newman, and "they want everyone to behave according to them." You might feel bad when, on your birthday, your Aries friend makes a reservation at a sushi restaurant—and you don't eat fish. If you address it, they'll "become super angry and blunt," says Newman.

But deep down, they're actually enjoying the confrontation. "Aries sees everything as a competition and wants to match your strength up against theirs," adds Santos.


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"Scorpios are intelligent and intuitive, but their biggest problem is they do not trust anyone," says Emily Newman, astrologer and founder of Best of Psychic Reader. Santos notes that they're ruled by Mars, the planet of war, and Pluto, the planet of the underworld. Therefore, they have a very mysterious nature, and they can't imagine that others aren't harboring their own deep, dark secrets.

But the reason Scorpio's sting is so painful is that they usually intend to hurt your feelings. "This sign is driven by revenge," shares Clare. "They can be pretty spiteful at times and don't really care about the pain they cause."

Santos says a few of the things that will cause these scorpions to attack are "messing with their family, challenging their ego, and most significantly, lying to them."

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