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The Most Condescending Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These people will look down on you and make sure you know how they feel.

We can probably all agree that it never feels good to be spoken down to, whether it's in a professional setting about our work abilities, in a social setting about how cultured we are, or even by our own family about our life ambitions. And when it comes to which members of the horoscope wheel exhibit this tendency more than others, it has to do with their egos, says Lorena Thomas, an astrologer at herway. "These zodiacs have too much attitude, and they think they are superior to others." So, who is most guilty of this, and what are the deeper meanings behind their actions? Read on to hear from astrologers about the six most condescending zodiac signs, from slightly snobbish to particularly patronizing.

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Tauruses are generally very patient and understanding. However, the sign of the bull is known for their stubborn streak.

"They refuse to acknowledge that there is more than one way of doing things," says Danny Santos, astrologer and founder of Santos & The Crystal Visions. "Taurus will often use tradition, routine, and stability as a means of justifying things." And when they really want to get their way, they'll talk down to you to make it easier.

However, most of the time, this behavior isn't malicious. Taurus is a sign that hates change and likes to stay within their comfort zone. When that's threatened, they go into panic mode.


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This sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This makes them the social butterflies of the zodiac, but it also makes them major gossipers.

"Geminis simply cannot bite their tongue or hold back in order to prevent people from getting upset," says Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense. "Instead, they have an insatiable desire to learn other people's secrets, or even spread a few rumors while they're at it."

Santos points out that the sign of the twins has a "flip-flop nature," so even if you call them out on hurting your feelings, they'll somehow point the finger at you.

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The sign of the scorpion is notoriously secretive and mysterious, shielding their feelings to avoid getting hurt and exposing their emotional side. In turn, Scorpios are inherently untrusting of others and have a sharp sting when they feel they've been wronged.

"They want people to know exactly what it is that they dislike about them," says Clare. "But their derision and condescension are particularly biting."

As Thomas explains, this attitude can veer into manipulation. "They don't feel bad about saying something insulting if their ego is being fed. As long as they're in a position of authority, they'll be satisfied."


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You probably know Virgo as the perfectionist of the zodiac, and this makes them "feel contempt for people who they perceive to be unproductive or chaotic," says Clare. It's hard for them to stop holding others to the same high standards to which they hold themselves.

The problem comes into play when they're unable to bite their tongue about it. "As a mutable Earth sign, Virgos grow tense and anxious when people don't behave in the way they expect," adds Clare.

As Thomas notes, their condescension will begin with them being extremely nice. "They'll [then] choose some powerful words that you yourself don't understand," she says. This allows them to dominate a conversation and "force" you into doing what they want.

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Like Virgos, Capricorns like things done a certain way. "Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn focuses heavily on restriction, discipline, hard work, and responsibility," explains Santos. "Their strategic nature and constant desire for power and success easily position them in the center of their own lives."

Because they're so focused on reaching their goals, they have a hard time tolerating those they perceive as weak or lazy. "This sign simply can't just go with the flow, so snaps back at those who live by this mantra," says Clare.

They'll also look down on those who offer them help. "They don't trust anyone else's judgment or expertise," shares Emily Newman, astrologer and founder of Best of Psychic Reader. "So Capricorns would rather work twice as hard than beg for someone's help."


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Leos just love to be the center of attention. This is great when you need to get the party started, but once this sign starts to feel competition for the limelight, watch out.

"Ruled by the Sun—the literal center of the universe—Leos similarly feel this way about themselves," says Clare. "They are prone to [shutting] down other people's ideas and belittling those who think differently … It's their way or the highway, so there's no room for debate or compromise."

Santos advises other signs to "point out the truth with a little humor" to work around Leo's massive ego. Since they love having a good time, the lightheartedness may quell their condescension. But he says to be warned that "Leo may gaslight you into seeing things their way instead." And they'll do so in a patronizing way that makes you back down.

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