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This Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Break the Law, Astrologers Say

According to astrologers, this sign doesn't want to follow the rules.

You've probably looked at your horoscope to see what your future might hold when it comes to romantic relationships, creative endeavors, or financial opportunities. But astrology can come in handy when it comes to trying to decipher the behavior patterns of others, too. Whether you're drawn to someone more daring or are trying to keep your distance from some rebellious behavior, the traits of the zodiac signs can help indicate if someone is more likely to, well, get into trouble.

Wondering who in your life is most likely to break the law? Read on to see the six who topped the list, ranked from a little unruly to most defiant.

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While Sagittarians are spontaneous and independent—and are known to find themselves rubbing elbows with weird people in even weirder situations—these fiery signs don't necessarily go looking for trouble. However, they can find themselves swept up in the moment if they aren't careful. "This quick thinking and intellectual sign is more brains than brawn," says celebrity astrologer Lauren Ash. "They will happily have you thinking they're the dumb jock while they plan a double-cross behind your back."



The fast-talking Gemini knows how to tell a tale. Sharp-witted and chatty, Ash says the air sign's duality  makes them "most likely to be caught conning others." It's something that can come in handy for any sticky situation that arises. "[They're] especially good at thinking on their feet and getting away from the scene scot-free," Ash explains.

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According to Ash, Pisces is the most unlikely sign on this list to commit crimes solo, but when they're teamed up with another sign, they can be easily influenced. "Very beautiful water energy makes it easy for them to shift their feelings and blur the lines between right and wrong," she says. "They are more likely to go with their heart and make decisions based on what they believe is the best decision, even if it may not seem like the right choice at first." Truthfully, Pisces can act in a way that doesn't make sense to others in the moment.


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It's no secret: Aries are impulsive creatures. As "the leader of the zodiac," they are more likely than any sign to take a risk, according to Ash. "This sign is all about courage, and doing what works best for them," adds astrology consultant Sofia Adler. "They won't let a silly law stand in the way of taking charge and getting what they want." After all, what makes them such ambitious and courageous leaders is the same thing that can make them rule-breakers.

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Known for being moody, Scorpio has a hard time being told what to do. While they don't have a criminal streak by nature, Ash says, "they are the most likely to break the rules if there are emotions involved." The good news? Scorpios will only break laws they deem unfair, harmful, or unjust. Even better? They are also the most likely to help a friend or a loved one in a legal pinch. Consider them your ride or dies.


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Aquarians often feel constrained by society's norms and expectations: It's what makes them want to liberate themselves from existing systems. "Aquarius is the ultimate rebel and fan of all things anti-status quo," says Adler. "This sign is here to break the law and then make new ones." According to Ash, they're not exactly looking to cause trouble, but "they are the most likely to question authority, bend the rules, or outright break them." Of course, that's if they deem them unimportant.

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