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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Lead You on, Astrologers Warn

Astrologers reveal that certain signs are more likely to be teases.

When it comes to friendship and romance, some people seem like they are experts at leading people on. Maybe they crave the attention, like to keep their options open, are fickle, or are just plain users—the reasons they do what they do can seem endless. However, there might be a simpler rationale for their behavior, and it lies in the stars. Read on to see which zodiac sign is most likely to lead you on, from being a slight tease to completely deceitful.

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Pisces are known for their sweet and alluring nature, which makes them attractive to many. Known to be serial monogamists—ahem, Pisces Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times—the mutable water sign knows how to shift their emotions to fit any situation. "Pisces tend to be the most romantic of the water signs, [but] they are also the most likely to have their feelings suddenly change up," says celebrity astrologer Lauren Ash. "If you were to get played by a Pisces, you'd never be the wiser."


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Aquarius has a unique aura about them, which makes them easy to get along with. "An Aquarius is someone who is really into the people who have the same personality and vibe as them," says Ash. "This means that while you may be friendly with an Aquarius, there's a good chance you're not in their inner circle." But this smooth-talking air sign would never let you know that. "If you did ever find out that you were never in their social inner circle, don't blame yourself for being fooled," she adds. "Aquarius is known for their creative thinking skills, making them good at telling half-truths and white lies."


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Scorpios are one of the most intense signs of the zodiac. While they are confident in their emotions, it takes time to get to know the real personality behind a Scorpio since they tend to hide their true selves under the surface. "If you can win their trust, you'll be rewarded with a rock-solid relationship," says Ash. "If they think you're playing them, they'll be sure to strike first." And much like the scorpion, they're associated with, they will try to inflict damage.

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Known as the adventurer of the zodiac, Sagittarius loves to put themselves in challenging new situations. "They are one of the most flexible signs when it comes to zodiac compatibility, often dating many different types of people just for fun," says Ash. "As the mutable fire sign, these fiery flirts know how to make anyone feel that spark." But one adventure these thrill-seekers aren't ready for is marriage. And the likelihood of getting ghosted? All signs point to yes.


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Vibrant and friendly, Geminis enjoy relationships where they feel constantly challenged. "As one of the two signs ruled by Mercury, Geminis have the gift of the silver tongue," says Ash. "They can make anything sound good." While this can make for witty banter between partners, it also gives Geminis the edge when it comes to lying without getting caught. "Just remember if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is," adds Ash.


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When it comes to Aries, they're the zodiac sign most likely to lead you on—and they'll do it with a flashy, grand gesture. "These bold show-offs will put their money where their mouth is when it comes to paying for expensive dates, gifts, flowers, and more," says Ash. "But power and confidence attract attention, and your Aries partner will likely always be catching someone else's eye." For Aries, life is about finishing in first place, and that makes relationships a competition arena. "If they feel as though you don't appreciate them enough, they'll start looking for someone who will," adds Ash.

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