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The Most Glamorous Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

An astrologer reveals which sign loves luxury more than the others.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life: Maybe you love to indulge in expensive wine, a regular blow-out, an opulent getaway, or any excuse to put on a fancy dress. We're not judging! It can be fun to enjoy some elegance. Of course, some enjoy a little bit of luxury more than others. If you were wondering why, you might need to consider what astrologers have to say about it. Read on to discover which zodiac sign is the most glamorous, from somewhat stylish to full-on glitz.

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Scorpios are known as one of the most mysterious of all the zodiac signs—and these beguiling water signs can be quite glamorous, too. "Their enigmatic allure is naturally seductive, so they often enhance this magnetic mystique with a smoldering sense of style," says author and astrologer Nina Kahn. "A bright red lip with black leather is classic Scorpio glamour."


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Sagittarians are worldly jet-setters, fueled by passion and excitement, and they love to have a good time. That's why these fire signs tend to lead such glamorous lifestyles. "They love to party, travel, and make everything a celebration that's worth getting dolled up for," says Kahn.

Astrologer and founder of Astro Coaching Alice d'Olive says that this sign, ruled by Jupiter, tends to go above and beyond when it comes to anything and everything. "While they're known for a more laid-back style, they'll take glamour to the next level a little bit differently than other signs," says d'Olive. "Sagittarius people expand beyond limitations—especially in regards to money, abundance mindset, and travel."

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In astrology, Pisces is the sign ruled by Neptune, which is known as the mystical planet of illusions. That's why you can expect these dreamy water signs to be naturally glamorous. "They have an ethereal sparkle that makes them seem otherworldly, and their enchanting sense of style can bewitch just about anyone," says Kahn.



Libras are also ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so these artistically-minded air signs know exactly how to get glammed up. "They have a keen eye for anything aesthetically-pleasing, so crafting a gorgeous and seductive outfit is their specialty," says Kahn. Also, Libras are very social, so they love dressing up for any and every event.

But d'Olive notes that while Libras are inherently glamorous, they can also express it differently than Leos. For instance, you might find them investing in high-quality interior decor or perfumes.

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As another one of the signs ruled by beauty-planet Venus, Taurus loves to lean into their glamorous side. "These sensual earth signs have naturally expensive taste and appreciate the highest-quality luxuries," says Kahn. They're most at home when they're surrounded by decadent desserts, silky fabrics, and fresh-cut bouquets of flowers.

Likely, though, this sign will ultimately show their glamour through luxury clothing. "Taurus is all about the luxury 'savoir vivre' [or] rejoicing in the best of the best in clothing," says d'Olive. When they're not doing that, expect them to be working on their skincare regimen or indulging at five-star restaurants (only).


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Leos are the singular zodiac sign ruled by the sun itself, making these charismatic and sparkly fire signs arguably the most glamorous of the bunch. "They love to grab the spotlight with their flamboyant sense of style, and are drawn to anything glitzy and golden," says Kahn. "Always dressed to impress, these zodiac starlets are born to dazzle."

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