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The Zodiac Sign It's Hardest to Stay Friends With, Astrologer Says

Here's why being friends with this astrological sign is "not for the faint of heart" (but worth it).

Some people secure close friendships at a young age and nourish and cherish them over a lifetime. For others, it can feel hard to sustain them, either because of a reluctance to invest or because of conflicts that just can't seem to resolve. If you fall into the latter group, it might be due to personality traits attributed to your astrological sign. Read on to see the six who topped the list of the hardest sign to be friends with, ranked from moderate challenges to impossible ones.

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As natural diplomats, Libras strive to see every situation from another person's point of view. "This makes them good objective observers to handling conflict and mediation," celebrity astrologer Lauren Ash says. "However, it does mean they are less likely to take a definitive stand when push comes to shove."

Their obsession with fairness can often see them remaining neutral in situations when they should have strong opinions. "This can make large group conflicts difficult for Libras because they're hesitant to pick a side," Ash adds. It does, however, make them easy to get along with.


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As the cardinal fire sign, Aries are used to finishing in first place. "This makes them incredibly competitive people, even with those closest to them," Ash says. "They're used to getting things their way without much of a fuss." Translation? You'll be hard-pressed to get an apology out of an Aries no matter how long you've been friends.

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As the perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgos have a reputation for being judgmental of others. "Though Virgos see these observations as a sign of respect, other signs may feel criticized by the constant unwanted commentary," she says. "And as the mutable earth sign, Virgos are the least likely of any sign to confront someone when they feel disrespected." Instead, they'll opt for ghosting or will "slowly phase you out."


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Scorpios are hard to get to know and even harder to deepen a connection with, Ash says. That's not to say they aren't emotional—rather, they are incredibly guarded. "If you can crack their tough exterior it could still take years for them to feel comfortable enough to open up to you and share the true inner workings of their mind," she says.

Some other signs find this process too tedious or assume Scorpios are hiding something from them, "when in reality they are protecting their own emotions," Ash says.

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If you have a friend who's a Sagittarius, you might know them as someone whose schedule never seems to dovetail with your own. This adventurous and well-traveled sign is fiery and mutable by nature. "Sagittarius placements are never content to stay put in one place for too long," says Ash. "This means many of their long-term connections need to be nurtured via technology, DMs, or texts." But that's easier said than done when they're always on the go.

Befriending a Sagittarius means understanding you won't always get a text back in the group chat. Still, it's worth it, Ash says: "This spontaneous sign can bring a whirlwind of joy to life as a friend."



Known as the "chameleon of the zodiac," Geminis are the hardest sign to stay friends with. Still, they know how to chat up anyone in any situation and blend in. "This makes it incredibly easy for them to form connections with different friend groups in different social situations," Ash explains.

Because of this, it can be hard for Geminis to merge their social groups. "If you're going to be friends with a Gemini, be ready for them to change their mind and change it again, always introduce you to some new person or idea, and be ready for your plans to always take an unexpected turn," Ash adds.

While "being BFFs with a Gemini is not for the faint of heart," it can be a "chaotic and thrilling" experience. Proceed with caution.

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