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The Most Alluring Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

These folks turn heads when they walk into a room.

Some people draw others in, no matter what they're doing. These attractive folks could be attempting to entice a potential significant other on a romantic date or simply checking out at the grocery store, but they pique interest from onlookers without even trying. If you've ever wondered why some humans seem to have a string of interested friends and lovers at all times, the answer could be written in the stars. Read on to discover the six most alluring zodiac signs, from a little bit tempting to completely enchanting.

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Charming Leos lure potential mates without even trying because of their dominating personality. "Their energy and enthusiasm are powerfully attractive and desirable qualities in any relationship," says astrologer Joanne Lara. This confident sign loves being the center of the attention, but they still won't make you feel like you're in the shadows. "Their enthusiasm is contagious," Lara promises, describing these kings and queens as "radiating warmth." This love and devotion to people makes them even more enticing.


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Tender Cancers draw people in by ensuring they feel comfortable and at home at all times. "Cancers can sometimes be attractive due to their delicate features, sparkling eyes, and warm personality," Lara says, calling this water sign "one of the most aesthetic zodiac signs." This soft-hearted sign loves to be in a relationship and always makes sure their partner feels pampered.

It helps that once a Cancer captures you, you're theirs for life. "Cancers are the most loyal people you'll ever meet, promises spiritual healer, psychic reader, and astrologer Emily Newman. "Cancer is a deadly combination of beauty and brain, making them likable immediately."

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Passionate, feisty Aries "are incredibly determined to get what (and who) they want," says Lara. This intensity towards relationships makes them irresistible. Newman explains that as the first sign of the zodiac, they have "inherent leadership qualities" that leads to them "staying in the limelight." Aries will captivate you but they might turn against you if you don't give them exactly what they want at all times.


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Taureans are known for being the leaders in their relationship, which makes them solid partners. "They are loyal but very generous people who love pampering their loved ones," says Lara. Astrologer Mica Simone agrees and thinks Taurus is enchanting because they're "ruled by the planet of beauty," this often makes them "physically attractive and they have the personality to match." This sign is also highly sensual, so Simone says "they know exactly how to coax admirers with their captivating ways."

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This sensitive sign does best when they're in a healthy, balanced relationship. "Libras thrive on peace and harmony, making them sensitive to others' emotions," Lara says. These natural charmers will always be there for you "when you need help or support, but they will also be there if it's time to discuss serious issues." Libras are often inventive and sensual, but often won't show you this side of them until you get to know them.


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Scorpios maintain an air of mystery and have a sensual energy that intrigues others. Lara credits this to their "intense dark side," which guarantees that they'll "rock your world." Famously alluring Scorpios include Julia Roberts, Ryan Gosling, and Leonardo DiCaprio

Simone describes Scorpios as "sexy personified and masters of the art of seduction." People pursue relationships with Scorpios out of curiosity, as they're infamous for their passion. "Their magnetic energy and mystifying allure drive people wild," Simone says. Just look at DiCaprio for proof.

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