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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Cry in Public, According to Astrologers

These people are so emotional, they can't wait to get home to open the floodgates.

Even the toughest, most stoic among us can't help crying on certain occasions—and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! But bursting into tears in the middle of a meeting or at a restaurant is a bit of a different story. Sure, it can be upsetting if your boss didn't like your idea or if your friend didn't notice your new haircut, but does it warrant a full-on meltdown? For certain horoscopes… yes, it does. According to astrologers, these zodiac signs are the most likely to cry in public, from those who get a little misty-eyed at the mention of anything sentimental to the people who truly start sobbing for no reason.

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Speaking of stoic, that's usually how Capricorns are perceived. This hardworking sign is motivated by reaching the top of the corporate ladder and can seem "cold, unemotional, detached, and composed," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app.

However, "Caps tend to suppress their emotions, as they see their manifestation as a weakness," Alta explains. When the pressure of those bottled-up feelings becomes too much, there's a good chance they'll combust, shocking those around them with their sudden bout of crying.


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Libra is an interesting case because their tears aren't flowing from a genuine place of sadness. As the sign obsessed with balance and keeping everyone around them happy, "they can adjust their emotional reactions to the expectations of others," notes Alta.

She explains that they're actors of sorts, who can intuitively feel out social situations. "Say someone tells a heartbreaking story, and a Libra feels that everyone is ready to break down in tears. 'Well, why not do it first?' the Libra thinks." This behavior can veer on manipulative in relationships.


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Aries is the fearless leader of the zodiac. They're incredibly passionate, independent, and confident.

But all of this fierce energy means they don't like to accept outside help or advice. "Aries is a stubborn child who will not give up until they have their way," explains Emily Newman, astrologer and founder of Best of Psychic Reader. "As a result, when things do not go as planned, they tear up."

The ram is also considered the sign with the worst temper, and sometimes their intense anger or frustration can manifest in crying.

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The top three on this list are all emotional water signs, starting with Scorpio. "They have no problem wearing their emotions on their faces and letting you know how you've hurt or angered them," says Ms. IGee, a spirituality expert and astrologer at Higher Vibes Online. "Whether they are right to feel so deeply is another matter."

As Alta explains, "They are known for being passionate, so they crave deep and intense feelings and emotions." When you don't live up to these standards, it's not uncommon for them to "break plates, show anger, and cry, of course."

This could be over something as simple as what they perceive as a dirty look. But really, they're just feeling wounded. "Their hearts are full of tenderness, poignancy, and insecurity," Alta adds.

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Pisces are perhaps the most intuitive of all the signs, a result of their natural tendency to "pick up on the energies and feelings of those around them," says Ms. IGee.

But that's a lot of emotion to take on, which can become overwhelming for these sensitive Fish, who truly feel that they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. "They will start crying if someone cries in front of them. If they see animals in pain, they will also cry," says Newman. "They feel things on a deep level."

So, this is probably not the friend to invite to see a sad movie. And if you're looking for someone to be your rock, you'll likely end up comforting them, regardless of what public place you're in.


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Is it any surprise that the most emotional zodiac sign is also the most likely to cry in public? "Their feelings are so deep that they themselves do not always understand what is going on with them," explains Alta. "Crabs may simply not manage to cope with the intensity of their emotions."

Yes, they are also the moodiest sign, but it's their kind heart and compassionate nature that usually leads them to break down. And it's a range of emotions that'll bring on the waterworks. "If someone is hurt by them or by others, they will cry. They cry if they are happy," shares Newman.

Tell them you're getting married—they'll cry. Show them a picture of your new puppy—tears. But the one instance where things get dicey is if they're angry. Cancers fear conflict and will cry as a passive-aggressive way to express themselves, explains Newman.

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