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The Most Compassionate Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

If you need a helping hand or some guidance, these people have your back.

Some people love going the extra mile to show their support for others. They'll always lend a shoulder to cry on or help a friend get out of a rut. These people are intuitive and can sense what others need. If you've ever thought about why some people go above and beyond when caring for others, astrology might play a role. Continue reading to find out the most compassionate zodiac signs from quite kind to effervescently empathetic.

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Woman Comforting Her Partner

Pisces are the daydreamers of the zodiac and often lose touch with reality. But their tendency to live in their own heads makes them a romantic sign with great empathy for others.

"They are compassionate yet short-tempered," says Emily Newman, astrologer and founder at Best of Psychic Reader. "They make mistakes as well, but they care deeply."

This sensitive water sign will always try and help others, but they have to be careful not to take on too much, so they don't get hurt themselves.


Group of Friends Supporting Each Other

Scorpios are incredibly observant and tend to trust their instincts. They've also been through a lot in life and know how to take care of others when certain situations arise.

"A Scorpio is not going to offer you a Hallmark movie brand of compassion, but they are deeply intuitive and understanding," says Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology.

As another water sign, these people will be sensitive to your needs, but don't expect them to sugarcoat anything to make you feel better. Ultimately, they may use a bit of tough love, but if a Scorpio trusts you, they'll truly have your back for life.

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Younger Woman Helping Older Woman

While Virgos may come off as reserved at times, they are also known as the healers or the helpers of the zodiac and are always there to offer guidance and support. They love to feel needed and their ability to see what is wrong and how to make things better can translate into charitable acts of useful compassion, kindness, and acts of service," says Loftis. These earth signs are natural empaths, but will jump on the defensive when people take advantage of them.


Happy Group of Friends
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Libras are all about balance and they thrive when it comes to making others happy and lifting the mood.

Loftis explains that they can also often see all sides of a situation pretty quickly. "It gives them a unique perspective and the ability to be compassionate for another person's circumstances," she says.

This air sign will really listen to what you have to say and they'll have no problem going above and beyond to be there for you. Plus, their bubbly social energy is naturally warm and inviting.


Friend Helping Out
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Aquarius is another air sign with huge empathic tendencies. Newman mentions that these people love doing charitable work and won't ever say no to someone in need. If it's hard for others to find a solution to the problem at hand, Aquarius will find it no questions asked.  They might not come off as warm and cuddly, but they have a surprisingly soft side that comes out when others are looking for guidance.

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Ruled by the moon and highly in touch with their own emotions, as well as others, it's no wonder that Cancers are the most compassionate sign of the zodiac. Newman tells Best Life that they are a kind and gentle type that "will go to great lengths for their loved ones." Cancers are also sensitive and big-hearted, so they will always offer support.

"They can truly absorb and feel others' pain; their deep nurture and care-take helps them to lend a sympathetic ear or take compassionate action to ease someone's suffering," says Loftis.

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