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The Most Festive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They'll take any chance they can get to decorate, celebrate, and jubilate.

Some people live for the holiday season, while others take a more bah-humbug approach. If you're a member of the former group, you likely take pride in decorating your home for every holiday, birthday, and special occasion and try to make each event as fun and memorable as possible. It turns out that quality might be determined by your horoscope sign. Ahead, astrologers tell us the most festive members of the zodiac, from the very merry to the party animals.

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If you're throwing a party, always invite a Gemini.

"Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac, being happy and inquisitive, they love seasonal gatherings, singing carols, and most of all, sharing holiday cheer," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. "Putting them in charge of any area requiring communication is their specialty."

For example, you might ask your Gemini pal to make a toast or to ensure no one feels left out of the conversation during your soirée. They won't let you down.


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Ruled by the Sun, this sign adores the spotlight. They're remarkably festive since holiday gatherings ensure they can bask in the public eye.

"Lions have fire in their bellies and can be the life and soul of the party, shining brightly and drawing attention to themselves," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. "They're inspirational generators of positivity and joy."

Expect them to throw a bash with a theme or one where they put on a show.

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This sign lives for the holiday party season.

"Aquarius loves socializing, and although usually the quieter and more minimalistic of the air signs, they love any chance to get together with their friends, their friends' friends… and imaginary friends," says Ms. IGee, a spirituality expert and astrologer at Higher Vibes Online. "Even if they weren't invited, Aquarius can be shameless at times. Think Wedding Crashers – The Holiday Edition."

As a host, Aquarius will take a hands-off approach. Instead of planning down to the minute, they'll simply want everyone to have a fun and relaxing time.


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Unlike Aquarius, Cancers take hosting to the extreme and won't miss a single detail during the holiday season.

"Cancers tend to be obsessive when it comes to things they care about, and this natural introvert cares about their family and how others feel," says IGee. "Festive moments are a way for them to show [off] without showing their internal emotions. They love to cater to crowds, so not only will they have the nicest decorations, they will throw a party and play super host, ensuring every person's glass is full of eggnog all holiday long."

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Virgo is another sign that pays serious attention to detail when it comes to festivities.

"This sign aims toward the service of others before themselves, making them the most dedicated in preparing a festive time for everyone during the holidays," says Berry. "This grounded earth sign has the ability to multi-task and can handle several things at a time with grace and ease, whether it be baking goodies and treats, preparing a guest list, or hosting a holiday-filled home complete with decorations."

Virgo prefers to work behind the scenes. However, when it's time for them to make a hostess speech, they'll nail it every time.


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Taurus is the taste-maker of the zodiac—and their holiday cheer leaves nothing to be desired.

"When it comes to cooking and baking, decorating, and making sure everyone is happy in holiday gatherings, then those of the sun sign of Taurus would be considered the most festive," says Berry. "This sign has a strong interest in aesthetics and beauty from its ruling planet of Venus and will do everything in its power to provide the most festive environment for its family and friends."

Taurus' practical nature also shines during the holidays. They find joy in the arts of cooking and baking. Plus, they have the planning skills to ensure their bash goes off without a hitch.

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