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The Most Stylish Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You can trust their taste on everything from fashion to art to interiors.

True style is rare. While some people may have a knack for putting together trendy outfits, thoughtfully designed rooms, and aesthetically pleasing art collections, it's less common to find someone who is a true arbiter of taste in all aspects of life. When you meet them, you'll know. These folks' clothes and homes always look put together, even when things are slightly askew. They're effortless, unique, and seek beauty in everything. They may also share a horoscope sign—making them even easier to identify. Keep reading to hear from astrologers who the most stylish members of the zodiac are, from the typically tasteful to the expert aesthetes.

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This sign's style is effortless. "Quirky and ambitious trendsetters, it seems as though Aquarius can make just about anything work: loud neons, demure pastels, and everything in between," says Charlotte Kirsten, professional astrologer and founder of astrology and esoteric blog Typically Topical. "But make no mistake, their style screams minimalist."

They won't go thrifting or home decor shopping just for the fun of it. On the flip side, they'll fill their space and wardrobe with investment pieces that will last forever. "This is not least because they adore quality, but because it reflects their eco-conscious and humanitarian values," Kirsten adds.


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Leo's sense of style lies heavily in the fashion space. "Ruled by the luminary Sun, they're not afraid to dazzle with bold statement pieces, funky colors, and over-the-top arrangements," says Kirsten. "Wearable, yet daring is how best to describe Leo's sense of style." They were born to stand out—and their clothing helps them do that.

"Don't let that fool you into thinking they're a mismatched mess though," says Kirsten. "Leos have a keen eye for detail and everything is sure to look effortless." They may not put as much effort into cultivating a cohesive style in other aspects of their life—unless it's one they can easily show off.

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Virgo comes at its stylishness in a roundabout way. Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, is in its fall in this sign, which means the topic of style can be an "Achilles' heel for its representatives," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app.

However, a Virgo may become interested in various style topics—for example, fashion or gardening—and enroll in a course or read books on the topics. "If they master the style skill, they may become real fashionable gurus," Alta adds. "In this case, everything entirely depends on the person. A badly-developed Virgo may not care about their appearance at all, while a well-developed Virgo may be as stylish as Zendaya." It's their call.


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This empathetic and emotive sign is an expert in self-expression—and often uses aesthetics as its medium. They adore antiques, DIYs, and custom creations. "Heavily inspired by Romanticism and the Renaissance periods, you'll see them rocking all sorts of elegant, yet contemporary looks," says Kirsten. "Oh, and they're not ones to buy something off the rack either—if the visionary fish can channel their inner creator to physically make the item of their dreams, the better."

Pisces treasure the pieces they're more involved in and may insist on custom tailoring or tinkering. If you visit their home, they're likely to take you on a tour of their fairy garden or point out all their DIYs.


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This sign is governed by Venus, and aesthetics are in its blood. "Their sense of style is so sophisticated that it is seen not only in their clothes but in their general behavior," says Alta. "Their choice of interior design, their manners, gestures, and actions only emphasize their exquisite taste."

Libras are purveyors of luxury and name brands and pay attention to detail like no other. "For example, they may wear an ordinary outfit—say, a T-shirt and jeans—but they can add such accessories and create such a look that the brightest celebrity will envy their style," says Alta. No doubt, you'll find their outfits, spaces, words, and art on the pages of the most carefully curated magazines.

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Taurus is the ultimate taste-maker, accepting nothing less than the best in haute couture, interior design, and artistry. "Whilst it might seem cliche, Taurus really does love to keep up with the Joneses and prides itself on its unmatched sense of style," says Kirsten. "Chandelier in the living room? Why not? Champagne on a Monday afternoon? Absolutely. Wardrobe revamp for the new season? Great idea."

Tauruses know what they want and will put in the extra hours at the office to be able to purchase it. And once they own it, they'll style it flawlessly. "Cue the timeless pieces and abstract-inspired wall art," says Kirsten. They can't help it.

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