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The Color You Should Paint Your Bedroom, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This is the color that will channel your personal energy, astrologers say.

As the most private room in the house, the bedroom is often the last place we get around to decorating. It's easy enough to shove everything in the closet and shut the door when guests come over. But considering the bedroom is where we go to find rest and is also the first thing we see when we wake up, it deserves equal care and attention. One of the most important factors is paint color, which sets the energy of the room and can have a huge effect on our mood. Not every person responds to the same color, though, which is why we've enlisted the help of professional astrologer and author Lisa Stardust to share what color you should paint your bedroom based on your zodiac sign. Will you fare better with serene neutral walls or a big, bold hue like purple? Keep reading to find out.

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Aries: Ruby Red

red bedroom
archideaphoto / iStock

You're known for many things, Aries, and fading into the background isn't one of them. Feisty and fiery, you're the daring leader of the zodiac who's not afraid to make a statement. With Mars, the planet of passion and drive as your ruler, you have a natural zest for life and will chase after what you want.

Your bold and bright personality needs a paint to match, which is why your power color, red, is the ideal choice for your bedroom. "Red is the color of passion and desire," explains Stardust. This color will also tap into your seductive side, as you're known to get a little adventurous between the sheets.

Taurus: Forest Green

green bedroom

Taurus has an appreciation of beauty and peaceful vibes. As an earth sign, you prefer colors that have a calming effect. However, with Venus, the planet of love and romance, as your ruler, you also have a taste for indulgence.

A deep and luscious forest green paint color is the ideal hue for your refined sensibilities. "Green is not only perfect for the earth sign, but it'll warm their Venusian lust for life too," says Stardust. And if you're not in the mood for something so dark and brooding, you could always go for a pale sage green to brighten up the room while still having the same grounding effect.

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Gemini: White

white walls bedroom

Astrologically speaking, you exude confidence and charm, Gemini. You love socializing and keeping yourself busy with new hobbies, friends, and romantic partners. And with Mercury, the planet of communication, as your planetary ruler, your thoughts move at the speed of light. You need a space that encourages open thinking and creativity.

Though it might sound a bit boring at first, clean white walls are the best choice for your wild imagination. "A crisp white is the shade Gemini will find perfect because it allows them to use their wits to decorate on the blank canvas," says Stardust.

Cancer: Lavender

A modern bedroom painted a lavender color
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As the domestic and nurturing water sign of the zodiac, it's more important for you than anyone else to have a home that truly feels like a sanctuary. After a long day of providing support and advice to your friends and loved ones, you need an oasis to let the stress of the day slip away.

A soothing and relaxing light purple color makes the ideal choice for your bedroom. "Lavender is the color that Cancer aligns with most because it's calming and represents security," says Stardust. You may even consider adding some real lavender, as the plant is known to improve sleep.

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Leo: Gold

gold bedroom

Creative and enthusiastic, you're the type who loves to stand out from the crowd, and you're not afraid to make a big statement. As the sign ruled by the sun, which governs the heart and ego, you simply must express yourself with your style, and home decor is no different.

It should come as no surprise that the showstopper of the zodiac needs a paint color that demands as much attention as your personality. "Orange or gold is ideal for Leo, who represents the glorious sun. It'll bring radiance into their life," explains Stardust. It also fits with your fiercely proud and confident energy.

Virgo: Cream

cream bedroom

When it comes to choosing anything in life, you're not looking at what's trendy. You're looking at what will stand the test of time. As an earth sign, you tend to take a practical approach to life, and with Mercury as your planetary ruler, you prefer clean lines over cluttered interiors because they allow you to clear your mind and focus.

As for what color to paint your bedroom, Stardust recommends cream or beige walls that will spark you to "speak from the heart." Since you're considered the biggest perfectionist of the zodiac, a neutral backdrop will help you keep everything looking just right.

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Libra: Light Pink

Cozy Pink Bedroom corner with baby pink velvet fabric bed decorated by blanket, pillows and pink floor lamp with two-tone pink painted wall on the background
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Funky and flirty, you don't take yourself too seriously, Libra. You'd rather experience life and all its many pleasures, and for you, more is more. However, it's not just material goods you like to indulge in.

As a sign ruled by romantic Venus, there's also a playful and lusty side to your personality. "Cheeky light pink" bedroom walls will help you tap into this side while maintaining the fun factor, says Stardust. To top off the romantic fantasy, add some gold accent pieces.

Scorpio: Jet Black

black bedroom

Moody and mysterious, Scorpio also has a sensitive side that few are aware of. Co-ruled by Mars, the planet of action, and Pluto, the planet of destruction, your life comes in cycles of quick growth spurts and deep restful periods.

You need a place in your home to drift away from the worries of the world and contemplate your next move when things get too chaotic. A jet-black bedroom is the perfect setting to block any negative thoughts or feelings. "The protective shade black will aid Scorpio through all the days and nights of their lives," explains Stardust.

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Sagittarius: Purple

Lamp on wooden table in spacious violet bedroom with matching dark-purple bedding
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / iStock

Vivacious and worldly, you're not afraid to make some big changes in life, Sagittarius. As the sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and knowledge, you're always on the move and looking for your next big adventure. Though home decor isn't necessarily your focus, you will need somewhere to stash all of the cool souvenirs from your global travels.

When choosing a paint color, Stardust suggests something just as unexpected as this fire sign. "Purple is the color of valor and bravery, which is why it's the best bet for Sagittarius," she says.

Capricorn: Slate Gray

gray bedroom

Pragmatic and practical, you're not looking to reinvent the wheel in any aspect of life. You prefer to approach things methodically, and you work tirelessly toward achieving your goals. Therefore, you're not too worried about making your home ultra unique or artistic. You need a place where you can find focus.

"Gray is the perfect color for Capricorn to reflect, study, and find their place in the world," says Stardust. Not only is gray a timeless color that won't need updating every few years, but it also matches perfectly with any furniture you choose, allowing you to invest in some bold pieces that reflect your personality.

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Aquarius: Soft Blue

soft blue room

You're the oddball of the zodiac, Aquarius, so most people would expect you to paint your bedroom an unusual color. However, home is where the heart is, and your heart craves a peaceful and calm retreat where you can unwind without worry. As the humanitarian sign of the zodiac, you spend much of your time on service to others.

To set the stage for some much-needed self-care time, you'll want to paint your bedroom a relaxing color. "A soft blue is ideal to ignite the airy sentiments of the water-bearer to increase the flow of communication," says Stardust.

Pisces: Sea Foam Green

seafoam green room

Artsy and idealistic, Pisces take great pride in turning their home into an expression of their creativity. These daydreamers love to design an otherworldly experience and often choose colors that remind them of deep ocean waters.

"A very light sea foam green will remind Pisces of their favorite place on earth—the sea," says Stardust. This creates a tranquil effect, especially when paired with whites and neutrals. Not only that, but this lovely shade of green also represents wealth and abundance, which is the perfect energy to invite into your space and keep the creative juices flowing.

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