The Wine You Should Drink Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let astrology help you find the perfect wine to match your taste and personality.

When it comes to guilty pleasures, wine is at the top of many people's lists. Enjoying a glass of vino is the perfect way to unwind after a long day or toast in celebration. But if you've been getting bored of the same old, same old, or you're just looking to switch things up, there's a chance that your next glass of wine could be written in the stars. Whether you're a fan of a bold red wine, a light and airy white, or maybe a cheeky rosé, there's a lot that astrology can tell you about your wine preferences. So, if you're looking to dazzle guests at your next dinner party, keep reading to find out the best wine to drink for your zodiac sign—you might just find your new favorite!

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Aries (March 21 – April 20): Malbec

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Aries, you are one bold and vivacious personality. Ruled by Mars, the red planet and astrological symbol of action and accomplishment, you prefer a wine that packs a punch and leaves a lasting impression. The wine that best matches your energy needs to have full body flavor, intensity, and a bit of a wow factor. Try picking up a Malbec the next time you're out browsing for a bottle of red wine. The savory and tart flavor profile boasts a rich, velvety texture that will satisfy your refined taste.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21): Pinot Noir

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You have an eye for the finer things in life, Taurus. Ruled by Venus—the planet of love, luxury, and indulgence—you enjoy the classics. The best wine for you will have complex flavors with a bit of a floral or natural vibe—you prefer something a little dry that you can sip slowly over the course of the evening. Grab a glass of Pinot Noir the next time you're out with your friends: This rich red wine is hardy and earthy, two traits most astrologers associate with you, Taurus.

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Sauvignon Blanc

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You have an incredibly changeable personality, Gemini. No matter the social situation or the crowd, you know how to blend in perfectly and turn on the charm. When it comes to choosing the best wine for you, it's impossible to know what you might be in the mood for from one day to the next. You need a wine that is just as versatile and bubbly as you are. Sauvignon Blanc is a full flavored yet surprisingly light and sweet white wine with hints of grapefruit. Known for its crisp, refreshing zing, and unique flavor, this wine is much like you, Gemini.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Moscato

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Nobody loves a night at home quite like you, Cancer. Ruled by the moon, the luminary body that governs your emotions and how you feel loved, it's important for you to have time to yourself to recharge. Cancer is a little bit classy, a little bit cozy—you know how to have your fun without getting too wild. You spend most of your time sharing your gentleness and kindness with others, which is why your ideal wine is something sweet, delicate, and soft—just like you. A Moscato, which is equal parts sophisticated and sweet, makes the perfect match for a movie night from the couch. Cheers!

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Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Merlot

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Leos tend to be the socialites of the zodiac, you're always floating around and turning on the charm in new group settings. Decadent, colorful, and dramatic, you need a robust red wine that is full of depth, just like you. As a fire sign, it's only fitting that you sip on something equally bold and warm as you are. If you're looking for a wine that will help bring out your regal side, a rich glass of Merlot will help you play the part. With its dark and rich fruit flavors layered with vanilla, this easy drinking red goes with almost any occasion.

Virgo (Aug. 22 – Sept. 23): Riesling

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Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. You are always striving to achieve more, and be better than you were before. And as an earth sign, you're constantly looking to build a foundation for your dreams. More than anyone, you probably enjoy a nice glass of wine after a hard day of getting stuff done. That's why a tried and true classic like a Riesling is the perfect fit for you, Virgo. Its refreshing and uplifting floral and fruity notes will have you feeling relaxed and help clear your mind of the worries from the day.

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Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 23): Chardonnay

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You're a lover of luxury—and naturally, there are several wines that might appeal to your more refined taste. One common trait associated with Libra is a love of harmony, so a wine that feels well-balanced and pleasant will appeal to your palette. You're a chameleon, Libra. You prefer to observe first and shift your energy to match others around you. Keeping in line with your easygoing approach to life, it's best to avoid anything trendy or boundary-pushing, and instead splurge on a nice bottle of Chardonnay. Cool and clean, with the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor, you certainly can't go wrong with this wine.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22): Zinfandel

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Scorpios are one of the most interesting, intense signs of the zodiac. While others might see you as aloof and moody, there's actually a very complex side to your personality. You're known for your love of the extreme, so you're not afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Passionate, and rich, you need a wine that's just as unique and sensual as you are, Scorpio. The well-developed flavors of a Zinfandel are sumptuous yet balanced—just like you. And as one of the most aromatic, flavorful red wines, Zinfandel is perfect for both a romantic date night or enjoying alone at home.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 23 – Dec. 22): Pinot Grigio

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You're an adventurer, Sagittarius. Optimistic and upbeat, it's rare for you to turn down the opportunity to try something new. You tend to attract friends wherever you go with your humor and warmth, so you'll need a glass of wine that is just as effervescent and popular as you are. The next time you're making the rounds at a party or jet-setting to destinations unknown, grab yourself a glass of Pinot Grigio to enjoy. Light and crisp, this floral and fruity wine boasts hints of pear, honeysuckle, and apple; which makes it the ideal sipping wine, regardless of where your travels take you.

Capricorn (Dec. 23 – Jan. 20): Cabernet Sauvignon

Ambitious, hard-working, and practical, Capricorn is known to be the most mature sign of the zodiac. While some might have you pegged as stuffy, you like to unwind with a glass of vino every so often. And when you do decide to let loose, you're not afraid of spending some serious cash—so you'll need a wine that reflects your taste and elegance. A nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect full-body red to enjoy over a business dinner or a deep conversation. As an earth sign, you appreciate the classics, and this wine is just that.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Sangria

Young woman in red enjoying sangria, traditional Spanish alcohol drink, sitting outdoors in the center of Valencia old town

Okay, so sangria might not technically be a wine on its own, but does that really bother a rule breaker like you, Aquarius? As the rebel of the zodiac, you're always looking to make a statement and shake things up. A simple glass of Shiraz just won't cut it for you—you need something just as colorful and unique as you are, Aquarius. That's why a delicious glass of red wine sangria is the perfect fit. Being a mixed drink gives you the creative liberty to switch things up and choose a new base wine whenever you feel bored. And it guarantees that no two glasses will ever be the same—which is perfect for someone as unique as you.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Rosé

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Pisces are known for their sensitive, creative, and spiritual side. You don't tend to get wrapped up in the little things in life, you like to take things slow and enjoy your time. Some may say that Pisces live in a fantasy land, and thanks to planetary ruler Neptune, you do tend to look at life through rose-colored glasses. So, is it any wonder at rosé is your perfect wine match? This pink wine perfectly complements your cheerful and positive energy. Much like you, this dependable favorite is refreshing, energizing, and has more going on below the surface than meets the eye.

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