The Beer You Should Order Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Astrologers Say

Discover which brewski suits you best, according to experts.

Much like your favorite show or food, your favorite beer says a lot about your taste and personality. Some people enjoy a bold and in-your-face flavor profile, while others like a light and sparkling brew to sip on casually. Whether you're new to the beer world or are looking to change up your regular drink, why not turn to astrology for the answers? Here, we talk to astrologer and best-selling author Lisa Stardust about which type of beer you should order based on your zodiac sign. Read on to "hops" to it!

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Aries: Porter

porter beer

Cheers to you, Aries! As the bold and dynamic leader of the zodiac, you're always looking to make a statement and keep the good times rolling. If there's a party happening, you're there to add personality and rich conversation. A porter, with its rich and complex flavor profile, is a perfect match for your larger-than-life personality.

"Porter is the best pick for Aries, due to its burnt flavor that aligns well with the rambunctious and tenacious fire sign," says Stardust. This delicious brew was one of the first to be produced and brewed globally, making it just as much of a trailblazer as you.

Taurus: Brown Ale

pale ale beer

Unbothered by the fast-paced world around you, Taurus prefers to savor the little moments. You're the type who calmly and deliberately builds the life of your dreams, collecting quality experiences along the way. And after a long day of working hard, you like to unwind with a treat.

A brown ale, with its toasty and caramel-like finish, is the perfect decadent beer for you to sip casually over a nice conversation with friends. "Brown ales have a silky and sweet finish, which is ideal for Taurus because they have an indulgent sweet tooth," Stardust shares.

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Gemini: Pale Ale

pale ale beer

Geminis are social butterflies, which makes it easy for you to adapt to any situation. You like variety in life and aren't content sticking to the status quo. A delicious pale ale embodies your venturous nature; much like you, this beer comes in a variety of flavor profiles so you can always find something that suits your current mood.

"Pale ale can actually be a dualistic type of beer due to its copper color and fruity taste that can trick the drinker to not expect the flavor," says Stardust. You'll appreciate how it keeps you on your toes.

Cancer: Pilsner


Comfort and consistency are among the most important things to you, Cancer. You like to surround yourself with people and things that indulge your inner homebody and make you feel a bit nostalgic. You're the kind of friend people trust for advice since you always seem to know just what to say. Pilsners are beloved for their sweet and refreshing taste that brings warmth to the cheeks and a smile to the face—much like you.

"Pilsner is the ultimate summer beer (which is why it aligns with Cancer because they start off the season), due to its citrus and light flavor," Stardust shares. The effervescent brew is also among the most popular beers in the world.

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Leo: Saison

saison beer

If life is a party, you're dancing on the table asking the DJ to turn the music up. Nothing stops a Leo from having a good time. And when it comes to a night out with friends, you like a beer that is just as fun-loving and bold. A saison beer, with its punchy and aromatic flavors, is the perfect match for you.

"Saison is French beer that has a lot of spices and carbonation in it—like the lion who's known for their hot sparky nature," says Stardust. The deep flavors make a saison hard to ignore, and you'll find yourself emboldened by its spicy kick.

Virgo: Wheat Beer

wheat beer

You're a lover of the classics, Virgo. Once you find your favorites you tend to stick with them. And as the sign with a bit of a perfectionist streak, you prefer a simplistic flavor profile that can stand on its own. That's why the humble but ever-popular wheat beer should be your go-to.

The refreshing brew is the perfect complement to your no-fuss attitude. "Wheat beer is ideal for Virgo. Just like the earth sign, it's easygoing and has a relaxed finish that will make everyone want more," says Stardust.

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Libra: Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest beer

Let's be honest, Libra, you're more of a champagne person. But the balance you enjoy in the bubbly (after all, you are the sign symbolized and ruled by the scales) can also be found in a beer. A seasonal Oktoberfest brew, which is technically a pilsner, is equal parts bold and smooth, which suits your savvy personality perfectly.

"The best beer for Libra is Oktoberfest because it's full-bodied and only drunk in October, at the height of Libra season," says Stardust. And since you're a mover and a shaker who likes to rub elbows with people from different walks of life, enjoying this brew gives you an excuse to head out to the beer garden.

Scorpio: Stout

stout beer

There's nothing mild about the personality of a Scorpio. As the passionate and intensely romantic sign of the zodiac, you seek out experiences that allow you to get deep with others. And while you might be a bit hard to read at first, you're one of the most loyal and consistent people once someone has earned your trust. Stout beer, with its equally complex flavor profile, should therefore become a regular in your drink rotation.

"Stout has a more bitter taste, which is what any Scorpio will enjoy because they are an oceanic animal who enjoys saltier flavors," Stardust shares. This bold flavor isn't for the faint of heart, making it much like you.

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Sagittarius: India Pale Ale

india pale ale

As the curious adventurer of the zodiac, it's likely that you've already tried a number of the beers on this list during your escapades and travels. You're always on the move and looking for something new, so consider grabbing an India pale ale for a quick and refreshing drink.

"India pale ale … blends the regular beer with exotic ingredients like rose essences, which globetrotting [Sagittarius] will love," says Stardust. This crisp brew will be the perfect companion as you make new friends in your travels.

Capricorn: Barley Wine

barley wine

As the mature and responsible sign of the zodiac, Capricorn needs a drink with the same old-fashioned and bold tasting notes. Your confident, direct, and intense aura may come off a bit intimidating to some, but you like to have fun just as much as you work hard. Consider a barley wine the next time you're ready to unwind.

"Due to its historical nature, barley wine is perfect for Capricorn who likes to uphold and try out traditional fare and old recipes," says Stardust. Plus, this delicious drink packs a pretty punch, so you'll only need one or two to get the night going.

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Aquarius: Belgian Ale

belgian ale

Unique and unusual, there's nothing predictable about an Aquarius. As an intellectual air sign, you like to keep your options open and are always looking to expand your horizons and experiment. The next time you're out for drinks, try switching things up by ordering a Belgian ale.

"Belgian ales are light and airy, which is how most would describe Aquarius—with a little bit of orange zest for spiciness on the side," Stardust shares. This delicious beer will have you guessing until the very last sip.

Pisces: Bock Beer

bock beer

People often categorize you as dreamy and lost in space, Pisces. However, you have many deep layers under the surface of the water that would surprise even your closest friends. As the sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusions and spirituality, you're always shifting and evolving as you go through life.

The ideal beer for you reflects your rich and ever-changing personality, which is why a bock beer is the best choice. "Like Pisces, bock beer has a wide range of qualities and flavors that make every sip extra special," Stardust says. The dark German lager is bold and malty but has surprisingly light undertones.

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