The Dessert You Should Order Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Astrologers Say

Got a sweet tooth? Here's the cake or confectionery best suited to your astrological sign.

What's better than biting into something sweet after a meal? If you love to indulge, odds are you jump at the chance when offered a dessert menu. Looking at all the choices can be overwhelming, but what if there were a dessert you knew was best to order? Forget calories—according to astrologers, there is actually a specific cake, cookie, or otherwise decadent dessert that best suits each of the zodiac signs. Read on to find out what astrologers say will satisfy your specific sweet tooth.

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Aries: Ice Cream

an ice cream sundae - funniest jokes

Symbolized by the ram, Aries is known for being independent, as well as determined and assertive. Lovers of exploring and adventure, this fire sign will benefit from a dessert that offers variety, like ice cream, Rebecca M. Farrar, MA, astrologer and writer of Wild Witch West, says.

"Ice cream may be a natural balancing to this ambitious fire sign," Farrar explains. And with a multitude of flavors to choose from, adventurous Aries "won't get bored," she adds.

Aries also aren't likely to sugarcoat anything, meaning they may prefer lighter, fruity ice cream flavors that aren't as sweet.  

Taurus: White Cake With Sprinkles

cupcakes with pink sprinkles
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If there is one sign often associated with a love of food, it's Taurus. This sign enjoys indulging, which is why the best thing to order is something with an extra dash of sugar. "A sign familiar with a sweet tooth and enjoying the pleasures of life, Taurus loves decadent white cake with pink sprinkles," Farrar says.

Always living life to the fullest, Taurus is going to enjoy every last bite, even down to the icing on their fingers, she adds.

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Gemini: Lava Cake

chocolate lava cake
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A lava cake is a perfect dessert to order for Geminis, who are known for getting bored rather quickly. According to Lorena Thomas, certified astrologer and writer at, a lava cake will draw Gemini in "because it's interesting and captures their attention."

"Gemini's dessert pick doesn't have a lot to do with taste, as much as it does with looks," Thomas adds.

Curious Gemini will want to know what this dessert looks like when it is cut into, as its outer cake layer conceals the chocolatey goodness on the inside.

Cancer: Chocolate Chip Cookie

chocolate chip cookie
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There are few things that Cancers love more than feeling at home. That's why this sensitive sign should order a comforting dessert like a chocolate chip cookie, Farrar suggests. This choice "warms the soul," she adds, noting that this classic cookie is well aligned with Cancer's nurturing nature.

Even better, as Cancers are often caretakers for others and "excel at baking," this sweet sign can also make chocolate chip cookies to share with friends.

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Leo: Walnut Cake

slice of walnut cake
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Leos are confident leaders who are driven to succeed. But with that in mind, Leos often also have a thirst for power. According to Thomas, that's why they should reach for walnut cake when considering dessert choices. "It shouldn't come as a surprise that they love eating nuts, which are associated with potency," she says.

Walnuts in particular contain omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenol, both of which are described as "critical brain foods," according to the American Society for Nutrition. What could be more appropriate for Leos looking to sharpen their wit?

Virgo: Mint Chocolate Cake

mint cake with chocolate frosting
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"Sensible" and "practical" are two words often attributed to Virgos, but they are also particularly conscious of their health and wellbeing. So when it comes to dessert—which is not generally the most healthy choice—Virgos may be drawn to those with fragrant herbs.

"Virgo is associated with mint and marjoram," Thomas says, adding that a mint cake is a perfect selection for this earth sign, especially if it comes with a certain topping.

"Of course, one shouldn't forget that Virgos are in love with the traditional," she adds. That's why she believes classic chocolate frosting can help balance out their minty cake.

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Libra: Banana Split

classic banana split
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In addition to their extroverted and charming nature, Libras are often indecisive. This trait can appear when ordering dessert, astrologers say, which is why they'll want to choose something that has a combination of tastes and flavors. According to Thomas, the best fit would be a banana split.

"Could anyone really expect a Libra to choose one dessert only?" Thomas says. "It's clear why their favorite dessert is a banana split: They get both ice cream and fruit, all in one."

But as Libras are also known for their appreciation of the finer (and more attractive) things in life, preparation of this dessert is also key. "The most important thing here is for it to be served perfectly and to look nice—to satisfy Libra's aesthetic needs," Thomas says.

Scorpio: Dark Chocolate Cake

dark chocolate cake
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As a sign that is loyal, stoic, and bold, Scorpio can also have an intense dark side. That's why a richly flavored dark chocolate cake should be top-of-mind for this water sign. Scorpio is typically going to prefer dark chocolate over light milk chocolate, Thomas notes, confirming that this preference for a bolder taste doesn't have to be limited to cake.

"Sometimes a bar of dark chocolate itself will be enough," she says. "What matters is that Scorpio's favorite dessert is rich in flavor."

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Sagittarius: Exotic Fruit Cake

exotic fruit cake
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Sagittarius yearns for adventure and shuns the traditional, which is why they will look for something different on a dessert menu. And Thomas says the best unconventional choice for spontaneous Sagittarius is an exotic fruit cake.

"They prefer trying new things in the kitchen, including desserts, as well," she says. "So, what better choice than an exotic fruit cake—preferably with some fruit Sagittarius never tried."

Capricorn: Cheesecake

cheesecake with slice
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Much like Cancers, Capricorns are traditional and their dessert choice should reflect this, according to Farrar. When it comes to a traditional dessert, there are few things more appropriate than a classic cheesecake. This choice also speaks to Capricorn's frugal tendencies, as they are always thinking before spending money.

"Capricorn appreciates tradition, and cheesecake can be a secure choice no matter where," Farrar says. "It's just simple enough to feel like a splurge, and hopefully not too expensive."

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Aquarius: Salted Caramel

salted caramel cookie
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Aquarius is often described as eccentric, optimistic, and just a tad rebellious. That's why the best dessert for this sign to order is a little offbeat. According to Thomas, Aquarius will gravitate toward salted caramel.

"Yes, you heard it right—Aquarius is so unique that their favorite dessert is not sweet in the traditional sense of the word," she says. "On the contrary, it actually has a layered flavor, which induces both salty and sweet flavors."

This flavoring pairs well with several different desserts, including cookies, cakes, and even ice cream. The sky really is the limit for free-spirited Aquarius.

Pisces: Tiramisu

classic tiramisu
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One of the more sympathetic signs, Pisces are famously generous and wise. But Pisces also has trouble coming back down to earth sometimes, and that dissociative nature speaks to their dessert preferences. "This dreamy sign may prefer tiramisu," Farrar says. The flavorful Italian dessert combines a symphony of flavors.

Pisces may also appreciate the "spirits" in tiramisu, which is traditionally made with dark rum, marsala wine, amaretto, or coffee liqueur, Farrar adds.

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