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The Zodiac Sign That's the Biggest Foodie, According to Astrologers

They know all the best restaurants and recipes.

There's no better feeling than eating food that you love. Whether you're always dining at the most buzzed about new restaurants or love a home-cooked family meal, food isn't just nourishment, it's an experience. Some people will try anything once, relish in being in the kitchen, or know all the best places to eat in town. They don't like food. They love food. If you're wondering why these people have such a taste for culinary indulgences, astrology might play a role. Keep reading to find out which zodiac sign is the biggest foodie from subtly snobby to alway ordering for everyone.

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Two Women Eating Chocolates

Pisces are the romantics of the zodiac and they love indulging in their desires. Spoiling those close to them is a given and what better way to do that than through food. You can guarantee they'll always be down to eat, plus they're huge snackers (if you need something to nosh on they got you) and enjoy experimenting with different foods.

"They may bring their creativity to the kitchen but also may add their favorite foods and fine chocolates into the mix," Rebecca Schmidt, astrologer at Trust the Effing Process says.

These water signs like to escape reality and it's likely they'll be fantasizing about their next meal when they do.

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Woman Dining at High End Restaurant

Capricorns have a sophisticated side and they take their food choices very seriously. They might agree to a greasy slice of pizza or a fast food trip every once in a while, but usually they prefer something more high end, Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology tells Best Life. You'll feel quite fancy if you get the pleasure of dining with one of these earth signs.

"Capricorns appreciate craftsmanship and quality, so they want dining experiences that are more elegant and sustainable, like a fresh seafood brunch or a farm-to-table dinner with loads of organic produce," says Marquardt.


Group of Friends Enjoying a Meal
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Sagittarius will be first in line for any adventurous experience and trying new food is no exception. They love immersing themselves in new cultures, so being a foodie comes naturally to this fire sign.

"They love tasting menus or having dining experiences that require using new eating techniques, especially those that come with incredible views or a wide array of flavors," Schmidt says.

Be careful because they aren't afraid to make things spicy. And if you're going out to eat, Sagittarius will always know about the hidden-gem types of restaurants before anyone else.


Grandma and Granddaughter cooking Together
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These emotional water signs are always looking for ways to care for others (and hope for the same in return) and they love the satisfactory feeling that comes from feeding those around them. Cancers have a deep love for food, Marquardt tells Best Life.

"In fact, Cancer is the sign most likely to make meals from recipes that have been passed down in their family for generations," he says. They usually rely on the same tried and true recipes, so eating with a Cancer always feels like coming home to family. Plus, they'll make sure you're full to your heart's content.

Schmidt adds that they tend to have a sweet tooth and always want to order dessert—and may even eat it first just because they feel like it.


Friends Cooking Dinner

Virgos are known to be nit-picky, but when it comes to food, they'll try everything on the menu. Schmidt mentions that they love testing out the latest food crazes and dining at the trendiest restaurants. "They may be the most critical but love to comfort themselves with food," she says.

These earth signs also love to be in control, so if there's a chance they get to play head chef, they're going to step up to the challenge. They love food and know what they want, so they'll be that person who sends something back if it's not to their liking without hesitation.

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Young Woman Enjoying her Food
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Taurus are more complex than people realize and they thrive on finding the finer things life has to offer. These earth signs usually plan their day around the meals and have a deep respect for food. They're the sign that rules food itself so it's no surprise that they are the biggest foodie of the zodiac.

Marquardt mentions that they see beyond the act of eating and love getting to have a meal with someone. "They see food as a way to indulge the senses and experience communion with other people," he says.

Taurus is the one you'll want to go to for the best recipe, trendy restaurant recommendations, or where to find ingredients for a dish you've been meaning to try. If they don't know the answers themselves, they'll know someone who does.

"Food isn't just sustenance for Taurus, it's a point of connection and a crucial component of the human experience," Marqaurdt says.

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