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The Zodiac Sign That Makes the Best Chef, According to Astrologers

You should always accept their dinner party invitations.

Some peoples' version of an extravagant meal is a five-course tasting menu made using farm-fresh ingredients and plated to impress. Others' is stovetop mac and cheese from the box (hey, they could've just ordered in). Today, we're talking about the first group—those folks who innately know how to season a dish, whip up a roux, and create a mouth-watering recipe without checking Google. In addition to having their culinary talents in common, these people might also share a horoscope sign. Keep reading to hear from astrologers who tell us the members of the zodiac who make the best chefs, from confidently competent cooks to true culinary icons.

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Your Libra friend can chat up everyone at a dinner party with ease, but they also make fabulous hosts. "Libra's desire to please people… makes them ideal to soothe the souls around them by cooking," says Ms. IGee, astrologer, spiritual expert, and founder of Higher Vibes Online.

The one downside is that they don't take feedback easily—so you'll want to think twice before adding extra seasoning to a meal they cooked. "They'll need the people around them to be honest enough to criticize them in a constructive yet loving manner," explains Ms. IGee.


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This sign is famous for its fiery, confident, and theatrical ways. And it turns out, those traits transfer to the kitchen, too. "Leos are most known for their creativity and great leadership qualities," says Ms. IGee. "But with their quick tempers, they may need to work alone in the kitchen."

Give them their space and they'll whip up a delicious meal that's either adventurous or unexpected. Hover over them, and they just might give up on the project altogether and order takeout.

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Virgos are better known for their hard-working, practical nature than their creativity—but that can actually aid their chef skills. "A Virgo's organizational skills are second to none, so they'll be excellent at running a kitchen," says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "Whether they do a lot of the cooking is a different matter, but they'll find a lot of joy in organizing schedules, ordering groceries, and inventing a special of the day," she explains.

The one caveat? This sign isn't good at being second in command, which might make it difficult for them to climb the ranks at a restaurant (or work with a partner to whip up a romantic dinner for two).


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No matter which career path a Capricorn embarks on, they'll do it with drive and ambition. So if a Cap has an interest in cooking, you can bet they'll be a high achiever.

"Capricorns are hardworking and motivated and will turn to chef work out of an interest in history and traditions," says Honigman. "They love recognition, so if they start cooking, they don't want to just eat—they want to be acknowledged, praised, or maybe even applauded," she adds. Expect them to be the type of chef who works at a five-star restaurant. This sign has no interest in being a mere hobbyist.

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Nurturing and homely, Cancers take pride in their culinary skills. "They love doing jobs that directly make others feel good, and cooking is exactly that," says Honigman. "Cancerians are so family-minded, they've spent their childhood watching their parents cook in the kitchen, and have picked up all of their tricks," she explains.

Expect a menu of comfort foods—think chicken pot pie and chocolate chip cookies—when you visit their house. If they decide to cook professionally, they'll work in a diner or chain restaurant. "They aren't here to be delicate or to reinvent the wheel," says Honigman. "They're here to serve filling and delicious meals to warm your heart."


chef secrets, What You Should Do At a Fancy Restaurant

Each of our astrologers noted Taurus was the best chef of the zodiac. "This sign is associated with earthly blessings and joys—and food is definitely their domain," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app.

Your Taurus friend will delight in cooking meals and eating them; they'll know the history of various plates and ensure your group always has the hottest reservation in town. "If cooking becomes their job, they can reach great heights in it," adds Alta. "Culinary art is in their veins, so if they work as cooks, they are likely to feel harmony and balance."

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