The Pizza You Should Order Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologers say these are the pizza toppings that'll tantalize your taste buds.

When it comes to pizza, people can get pretty specific about what they like. Whether you're a fan of a classic NYC-style pie, Chicago deep dish, or something a little more artisanal, your favorite pizza toppings say a lot about your personality. Are you adventurous or do you like to stick to the classics? Do you like a little spice or something more subdued? Whatever way you slice it, there's a perfect pizza based on your astrological sign. Read on to hear from astrologer and best-selling author Lisa Stardust about which pizza topping you should choose based on your zodiac sign. And have your phone handy, because you're going to be wanting to order a pie after this.

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Aries: Supreme Pizza

supreme pizza

Confident, bold, and a bit hot-headed, there's no denying your zest for life, Aries. You're an unstoppable force with a whole lot of passion. With a bit of quick thinking and a lot of determination, there's nothing you can't accomplish. So it's only fitting that your favorite pizza showcases all the bells and whistles.

"Aries have to be the best at everything that they do, including ordering and creating the perfect pizza," says Stardust. "Therefore, they will try to incorporate every topping on the menu with a dash of spice for their desirous nature."

Taurus: Sausage Pizza

JonGorr / iStock

Taurus likes the finer things in life, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to enjoy a simple classic every now and again. As the fixed earth sign of the zodiac, you're very particular about your tastes, and that includes pizza toppings.

It's not unlike you to order a classic and no-fuss pizza topped with sausage and give it your own unique spin once it's arrived at home. Stardust envisions hot pepper flakes or garlic to spice up the sausage and "make it extra flavorful." After all, she adds, "Tauruses are stubborn and like to do things their way."

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Gemini: Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza

While most people peg you as an outgoing chatterbox, Gemini, you have a deep and intellectual side that surprises them. A little sweet and a little salty, the delicious flavor combination of a Hawaiian pizza embraces your unique nature in a fun and unexpected way.

"The twin star will opt to have two juxtaposing and dualistic flavors harmonize together on their pizza. In true Gemini form, they won't just opt for one topping, but two that blend together on one's palate even though they do not seem as though they would," says Stardust. And asking others' opinions on Hawaiin pizza definitely gets people talking in social settings!

Cancer: Classic Pepperoni Pizza

pepperoni pizza

Highly nurturing and sensitive, you enjoy spending your time with people who feel like home. As the sign ruled by the moon, you're driven by your feelings, and once you make a decision emotionally, you tend to stick to it. For this reason, you prefer the tried-and-true favorites from your childhood—like a classic pepperoni pizza.

"There is nothing that nostalgic Cancer likes more than a meal that proves to be a sentimental journey through time. Unlike the other zodiac signs, Cancer opts for a classic pepperoni pizza as their ultimate comfort food to remind them of their youthful folly with every bite," Stardust shares.

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Leo: Meat Lover's Supreme

meat lovers pizza

It's not a party until you show up, Leo! There's something about your carefree and creative energy that gets the crowd pumping. You have a hard time keeping things low-key, so when it comes to making decisions, more is more for you. Naturally, you need a pizza that is just as bold.

"The lion is [known to be] ravenous for all sorts of foods, especially meat to sink their teeth into. A meat lover's supreme pizza will help Leo with their insatiable taste and thirst for a hearty meal that fills them up," says Stardust. "Hopefully, they'll have some leftovers for tomorrow."

Virgo: White Pizza

Gourmet white pizza with fresh mozzarella and herbed ricotta cheese
sbossert / iStock

Meticulous and detail-oriented, you're known for having an eye for perfection. Rather than fuss with something subpar or half-baked, you prefer to keep things simple and elegant. You enjoy living modestly, but make no mistake, you're drawn to the finer details of things. A classic white pizza has the ideal ratio of creamy white sauce, cheese, and toppings—making it just right for your high standards.

"Yes, Virgos can be picky eaters. However, if they have a simple white sauce pizza with garlic and basil, then they won't have to experiment with new toppings and they can enjoy the simplicity of their not-so-basic pristine pizza," Stardust shares.

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Libra: Spinach Artichoke Pizza

spinach artichoke pizza

Represented by the scales, you're all about balance and harmony. You like to take your time to indulge and enjoy every moment of life to the fullest. And as the sign ruled by luxurious Venus, you like your pizza with a bit of a gourmet twist. For you, the fancier, the better, which is why the complex flavors of a spinach artichoke pizza will hit all the right marks.

"Libras are known to be a little bit more sophisticated than most of the other zodiac signs, which means that they will require a pizza that is a prim and proper meal—without the messiness of red sauce getting on their lovely designer clothes or well-manicured hands," says Stardust. Don't worry, you can always eat this with a knife and fork.

Scorpio: Spicy Jalapeño Pizza

jalapeño pizza

Known for your mysterious charm and cool confidence, you have an intense aura that can be both alluring and intimidating. Your personality is certainly not for the faint of heart, Scorpio, and you wouldn't have it any other way. There are many layers to your personality, and as a water sign, you enjoy getting deep with others as well.

"Scorpios are known to have a passionate personality, which is why their topping choices should dictate their feisty temperament," explains Stardust. "A robust and spicy jalapeño and pepperoni [pizza] is the exact energy that the scorpion gives out to others when they want to protect their energy." Just be sure to have plenty of water handy.

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Sagittarius: Margherita Pizza

margherita pizza

As the world traveler of the zodiac, you like to constantly switch things up, including your hobbies, friend groups, and career pursuits. As a passionate fire sign, you'll try anything once. Though you've acquired some eclectic tastes in your travels, all this moving and grooving means you often need something comforting to slow things down.

Since you're "known to be the partier of the zodiac," Stardust says Sagittarius needs "a pizza that will help them not only recover from excess but to savor while they're living their best lives at celebrations." She says the classic Margherita pizza, with its rich cheesy goodness and fresh flavors, is a perfect choice.

Capricorn: Mushroom and Black Olive Pizza

mushroom and olive pizza

Capricorns are known for being very ambitious in the workplace, and there's nothing you enjoy more than spending your hard-earned money on the little luxuries of life. In your professional life, you do things by the book. You like to keep things simple and you don't flaunt your success. But you have a playful side in your personal life that might surprise other people. And maybe it's your thrifty side, but you'll always take the chance to score a deal on a two-topping classic rather than order a deluxe spread.

"Capricorns prefer classic types of toppings. But they also don't like to go overboard with the fixings and stay in the familiar lane of their palate," explains Stardust. "This means that they will desire lush and tasty mushrooms and olives on their pie to make their pizza look and taste sophisticated." Don't forget the wine!

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Aquarius: Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza

Considered the most unique signs of the zodiac, you have always done things your own way, Aquarius. You like to push the boundaries and are always stepping outside of what's unexpected of you.

"Being that Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum, they'll prefer toppings that include any unique flavors and haven't been done one million times before," shares Stardust. Therefore, your ideal pizza isn't really a pizza at all. The next time you're out, try ordering a breakfast pizza with a delicious egg and bacon topping, smothered with cheese. This twist on an old classic is sure to make a statement, just like you!

Pisces: Four Cheese Pizza

four cheese pizza

Pisces are the sensitive daydreamers of the zodiac. As a water sign, you feel things deeply and have incredibly strong feelings about likes and dislikes. Therefore, you tend to stick to the things you know and love. When it comes to pizza, a comfort food-style flavor like a four-cheese pie is a perfect way to reminisce on simpler times.

"Although Pisces are known for their imagination, they don't like foods that are outside the realm of traditional fare. Therefore, an assortment of cheeses on their pizzas [does] not veer from what they like," says Stardust. Plus, all that melted cheese adds unique flavors and textures, making each bite an absolute fantasy.

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