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The Best Beer You Should Order Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologers share whether your zodiac sign will enjoy a complex stout or a zesty pale ale.

Much like your favorite food or television show, your favorite beer says a lot about your taste and personality. Some people enjoy a bold and in-your-face flavor profile, while others like a light and sparkling brew to sip on casually. Whether you're new to the beer world or are looking to change up your regular drink, why not turn to astrology for the answers? Ahead, astrologers share the type of beer you should order, based on your zodiac sign. Read on to "hops" to it!

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Aries: Amber Ale

Two Glasses of Amber Ale
Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Aries, the fiery and fearless leader of the zodiac, needs a beer that not only tastes good but also complements their powerful personality, which is why Raquel Rodriguez, an astrologer at Nomadrs, deems Amber Ale the perfect fit.

"The hoppy bitterness paired with a caramel sweetness matches well with their energetic and optimistic nature," she says, adding that Aries are never ones to shy away from the intense flavors that Amber Ale brings.

Taurus: Brown Ale

pale ale beer

Unbothered by the fast-paced world around them, Taurus prefers to savor the little moments. After a long day of working hard, they love nothing more than relaxing with a treat. A brown ale, with its toasty and caramel-like finish, is the perfect decadent beer for this down-to-earth sign.

"Brown ales have a silky and sweet finish, which is ideal for Taurus because they have an indulgent sweet tooth," shares astrologer and best-selling author Lisa Stardust.

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Gemini: Corona

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Geminis are the zodiac's social butterflies and love flitting from conversation to conversation. A Corona is light and crisp and can keep a party going for hours—the perfect fit for these bubbly air signs.

"The beer itself is easy-going, much like a Gemini, and suitable for virtually any occasion or gathering," says Rodriguez. Adding that lime for an extra zing also works well for Gemini's multi-faceted nature.

Cancer: Blue Moon

Blue moon beer bottle on wooden bar with out of focus pub background.
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"The soft, orange undertones and creamy texture of a Blue Moon can be incredibly comforting, much like Cancer's nurturing personality," Rodriguez tells Best Life. It's a well-known and familiar brand that will appeal to these crab's traditional nature.

Blue Moon is often served with an orange slice to bring out its sweet side. "It's a bit like comfort food but in beer form, and it pairs nicely with a cozy evening in, something Cancer greatly appreciates," Rodriguez adds.

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Leo: Belgian Dubbel

Belgian Dubbel Glasses

No one knows how to have a good time more than a Leo, so they pair best with a Belgian Dubbel, which has the right amount of drama and richness.

Rodriguez says the beer truly stands out in a crowd, which makes it even more appealing to Leos who love to be the center of attention. With its fruity notes and malty flavor, it's a beverage fit for royalty like these regal lions.

Virgo: Wheat Beer

wheat beer

Virgo loves the classics; once they find their favorites, they tend to stick with them. And as the sign with a perfectionist streak, they prefer a simplistic flavor profile that can stand on its own. That's why the humble but ever-popular wheat beer is their best match.

"Wheat beer is ideal for Virgo. Just like the earth sign, it's easygoing and has a relaxed finish that will make everyone want more," says Stardust.

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Libra: Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest beer

Let's be honest, Libra is more of a champagne person. But the balance they enjoy in the bubbly (after all, they are the sign symbolized and ruled by the scales) can also be found in a seasonal Oktoberfest brew. Technically a pilsner, this beer is equal parts bold and smooth, which suits their sophisticated personality perfectly.

"It's full-bodied and only drunk in October, at the height of Libra season," adds Stardust. And since this sign is a social butterfly, enjoying this brew gives them an excuse to head out to the beer garden.

Scorpio: Barleywine

Kirill Z/Shutterstock

Barleywine is complex, making it ideal for guarded and mysterious Scorpio. "With its high alcohol content and rich malty flavors, it matches Scorpio's penchant for depth and intensity," says Rodriguez.

These water signs are hard to read at first, but once you know them, all bets are off. Barleywine is similar in that it's more of an acquired taste and often improves with time. This resonates both with Scorpio's wisdom as well as their hesitancy to open up to others.

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Sagittarius: Irish Red Ale

closeup of an irish red ale served in a chalice over a black background
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As the adventurer of the zodiac, it's likely that Sagittarius has already tried a number of the beers on this list, as they like to find international brews and experimental blends.

"Irish red ale is a contemporary classic that blends the best of European IPAs with American pale ales. The brewing process is a little complicated, which will fascinate Sagittarius' curious mind," says Stardust. "Not to mention, the flavor packs so much punch in just a single sip, making it the perfect companion as they make new friends on their travels."

Capricorn: Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Two Bottles Samuel Adams Boston Lager over Ice
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Samuel Adams Boston Lager is a great choice for Capricorn, who is known for valuing tradition and hard work. "This lager is known for its rich history and high-quality ingredients, much like how Capricorns are known for their depth and desire for only the best," says Rodriguez.

This beer has well-balanced flavors, which gives this responsible sign a chance to relax at the end of a long week—without getting too wild.

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Aquarius: Belgian Ale

belgian ale

There's nothing predictable about eccentric and rebellious Aquarius. As an intellectual air sign, they like to keep their options open and are always looking to experiment and expand their horizons.

"Belgian ales are light and airy, which is how most would describe Aquarius—with a little bit of orange zest for spiciness on the side," Stardust shares.

Pisces: Bock Beer

bock beer

People often categorize Pisces as dreamy and lost in space. However, they have deep layers under the surface of the water that would surprise even their closest friends.

"Like Pisces, bock beer has a wide range of qualities and flavors that make every sip extra special," Stardust says. The dark German lager is bold and malty but has surprisingly light undertones.

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