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The Type of Coffee You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Nothing beats a cup of joe, and astrologers say these coffee drinks align best with each sign.

Ever go to your local coffee shop to pick up your regular brew, only to find it's not hitting the spot the way it used to? Or maybe you're looking to switch from your summer iced coffee to something hot. Whatever the case, your coffee order can say a lot about the kind of person you are. Some people like a sweet and creamy blended coffee while others prefer it black. To help you decide what to order when you next need a caffeine fix, we spoke with professional astrologer and host of the Love & Stardust podcast KJ Atlas. Keep reading for expert advice on the type of coffee you should order based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Spicy Mexican Mocha

mexican hot mocha

Thanks to the influence of your ruling planet Mars, along with your fire sign nature, you're confident in the choices you make and are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone. So, the next time you're looking to grab a coffee, why not opt for something just as sweet and spicy as you, Aries?

"You need something hot in more ways than one to match the pure primal motivation running through [your] veins," says Atlas. "Opt for a Mexican Mocha with cayenne, cinnamon, and definitely served piping hot."

Taurus: Lavender Latte

lavender latte

You like the sweet life, Taurus. Earthy and practical by nature, you're the type to take the leisurely path, and you certainly don't feel the need to prove you're the best at something. As the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of creativity and romance, Taurus drinks coffee to feel more grounded.

Atlas suggests a drink that is "traditional yet indulgent." Take your regular vanilla latte, "get a little wild and add a splash of an indulgent flavored syrup like rosemary or lavender for a smooth and earthy twist," she says. Plus, lavender is known to be a calming fragrance.

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Gemini: Double Shot Macchiato

double shot espresso

You like to keep busy and tend to pack your social calendar to the brim, spreading yourself too thin. Therefore, you need something highly caffeinated yet smooth and delicious for your daily pick-me-up.

Considering the duality of your zodiac sign, "you need variety and, as such, you're not afraid of a complicated order," says Atlas. "You might be the one to order a half-caff grande iced oat milk latte with a pump of vanilla or a double shot macchiato, but if you like it, who is anyone else to judge?" To keep yourself from getting bored, "test some things out until you find the perfect flavor, temperature, and caffeine levels," advises Atlas.

Cancer: Caramel Latte

caramel latte

You're a creature of comfort and routine, Cancer. You like to indulge in things that remind you of your childhood, old friends, or anything else that strikes a sentimental chord. As the sign ruled by the moon, the luminary that governs emotion and intuition, you spend a lot of time absorbing the feelings of others. This makes you incredibly empathic and compassionate, but it also means you need more alone time than others.

The next time you're snuggled up for a lazy Saturday morning with your favorite book, Atlas recommends drinking something "buttery, warm, and comforting." She says a caramel latte made with nourishing whole milk is a perfect choice.

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Leo: Red Velvet Frappé

cotton candy frappuccino

The outgoing scene stealer of the zodiac needs a drink to match. Your fire sign energy means you like to try out new things and set trends. A simple cold brew or vanilla latte won't appease your flamboyant flair and elevated tastes. But something fun and indulgent, like a red velvet frappé with raspberry and chocolate syrups, certainly will.

"Leo opts for extra whenever they can. So, if the barista asks if you want whipped cream and sprinkles, the answer is always yes," says Atlas.

Virgo: Classic Medium Roast

Pouring Creamer into a Cup of Coffee

People may call you a perfectionist, but you prefer to think of yourself as a person of refined taste. Virgos like to have everything "just so," preferring to stick to your tried and true favorites. If you're going to try something new, it must have all the qualities you know you like in a coffee—smooth, lightly sweetened, and served at just the right sipping temperature.

"Virgo doesn't have time for too much flair. A good quality medium roast is good enough," says Atlas. "Add a dash of oat milk or drink it black, depending on your mood." If given the option, you'll always choose a local or organic blend.

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Libra: Sweet Rose Latte

rose latte

Sweet and sensual, was there any doubt that a lovely rose latte would be top of the list for Libra? Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, you like to live like you're in a romantic comedy, indulging in the little things that remind you of the beauty in life.

"A vanilla or rose-flavored beverage is palatable and decadent enough to suit Libra's exquisite tastes," says Atlas. "And of course, if there's the option to add a whipped cream topping, luxurious Libra won't be able to resist." This drink also has the balanced flavor profile that Libra craves.

Scorpio: Coffee Frappé

mocha frappe

Intense Scorpio gets deep when it comes to the things you care about most, whether it's your career, hobbies, or romantic relationships. After all, you are the most sensual sign of the zodiac. However, as you're ruled by the warrior planet Mars, you tend to run red hot when things get overwhelming.

Cool yourself down with a frozen coffee frappé. "[It's] incredibly delicious and easy to make, which will make it an instant classic in your daily routine," Atlas explains. "And to ensure you avoid a sugar crash, try opting for a blend with less sugar for a sustained caffeine buzz all day long."

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Sagittarius: Turkish Pistachio Coffee

turkish coffee

As an adventurous and fun-loving fire sign, Sagittarius thrives in unexpected situations and can go with the flow. In turn, you're probably used to a bad cup of coffee thanks to your many evenings spent in airports. But why not treat yourself and choose a coffee that reminds you of your favorite international vacation spot?

For starters, order an actual cup of coffee (rather than your usual one-shot espresso on the run) and savor the moment. Atlas suggests "a traditional Turkish setup with pistachio delights on the side." Or if you envision yourself traipsing along the Parisian countryside, you could opt for a classic and mellow café au lait.

Capricorn: Iced Cold Brew

iced cream cold brew

Practical, organized, and ambitious, you like to keep things straight and to the point. You've got a lot to accomplish on any given day, which means you don't have time to wait around for a complicated coffee order. Some may say you're dull for not switching it up, but for you, it's more important to conserve your time and energy for the things that get you where you want to go in life.

"Capricorns need a lot of caffeine to keep up with their hustle, but it needs to be easy," says Atlas. "This is why cold brew is the most aligned choice." If you're in a hurry, you could always grab a cup of piping hot black coffee, but where's the fun in that?

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Aquarius: Matcha Latte

matcha latte

Imaginative Aquarius likes to think outside the box. You'll express your unique perspectives any chance you get, and you encourage others to embrace their eccentricities as well. While you do require "an efficient flow of caffeine to make [your] dreams come to life," according to Atlas, you also want to stand out from the crowd.

Atlas points to a matcha latte as something that'll be up your alley. It'll give you the jolt you need, while the bright green color catches your eye. And if you're more of a purple lover, why not grab an ube (purple yam) latte instead?

Pisces: Tumeric Latte

golden milk latte

You're the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces, constantly seeking stimulation and variety in life. Much like fellow water signs Scorpio and Cancer, the coffee you order will vary depending on your mood, though you're typically compassionate, gentle, and artistic. And since you're considered the most sensitive zodiac sign, "caffeine might not be the best thing," notes Atlas, adding that a half-caff beverage may be the way to go.

For something more fun, embrace the color of divinity, power, and creativity with a delicious golden milk latte. These beverages are made of almond milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil, and honey (no coffee). If you do want to add in a kick of caffeine, stay on this theme and order a turmeric latte. And of course, be sure to grab your reusable mug.

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