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The Zodiac Sign With the Biggest Personality, According to Astrologers

The spotlight is always on these boisterous folks.

Some people just seem to have a big flashing sign on their forehead that says "look at me." Whether they are making everyone laugh or telling people their thoughts on the latest world events, their energy fills up whatever room they are in. They're typically charming and love to be the life of any party. Do these folks just a have a knack for putting themselves out there or could their horoscope be the reason behind their larger than life persona? Keep reading to find out the zodiac sign that has the biggest personality from a little bit extroverted to beyond bold.

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Known for being mysterious and moody, as well as keeping their opinions to themselves, it might come as a surprise to see Scorpio as one of the biggest personalities. "Scorpio isn't a loud, 'look at me' sign, but they have a serious presence," says Mikaela MacLean, an astrologer and founder at Energetic Aesthetics.

When a Scorpio walks in the room, you can feel their energy immediately. "Their aura is powerful and does most of the talking," MacLean says. While their words might not be the loudest, the looks on their faces can say it all.

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Aquarius is all about individuality and having unique ideas. They thrive on knowing they stand out from the crowd and march to the beat of their own drum without a care in the world.

"It's hard not to notice their eccentricities and unconventional ways of operating," says Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

Even though they're totally comfortable with their weirdness, they do close themselves off at times. But once they come out of their shell, all bets are off and you won't be able to stop thinking about them.


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It's hard to match the vibes of a Gemini. They are popular, they are social, and they will without a doubt keep you on your toes. "The sign of the twins has more than enough energy for not just one but two (or more!) personalities—it's XXL," says MacLean.

These air signs are all talk, all the time, she continues. From always being on the go, to always making new connections, they're going big or going home.

"Gemini have one of the biggest personalities because they're the chameleons of the zodiac, so they can literally mimic any personality of their choosing," says Marquardt. They always know how to leave a lasting impression.


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Maclean describes Aries as the "Big Bang incarnate," and it fits all too well. They are firecrackers and ready to throw down right out of the gate. It's impossible to ignore them and their confidence and self-awareness is unmatched.

"This sign wakes up in the morning ready to take on the world and blaze a trail," Maclean says. While their big personalities are not everyone's cup of tea, Aries is going to make sure they're seen and heard at every  chance they get.

Marquardt mentions that "they're also one of the boldest and most daring signs, taking risks when others are too afraid, which differentiates them from everyone else and inherently makes other people notice them."


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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, so it's no wonder that their larger-than-life personality shows up at all times. "Not one to be tamed, they love to galavant around the globe and bring the party everywhere they go," MacLean says.

These fire signs leave a big impression on anyone they've come in contact with and have a wildly infectious energy. "When a Sagittarius enters the room, they immediately fill it with their presence—everyone knows when they've arrived, what's more, everyone also knows when they leave," says Marquardt.

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Person in the Spotlight

Leo tends to have a flair for the dramatic and loves to put on a show, so it's no surprise they are the zodiac sign with the biggest personality. They constantly need attention and they'll eat you alive if you so much as think of stealing their limelight. Marquardt explains that these fire signs are ruled by the sun and "their personality can shine so bright that it almost blinds you."

"Everyone will have a completely different reaction to Leo's personality—some may love them, some may hate them—but it pierces you nonetheless," Marquardt says.

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