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The Most Popular Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These signs have all the connections and are always on the VIP list.

Some people are destined to be high school prom king or queen and that top-of-the-class charm may continue into their adult social circles and work place. These charismatic types are always on the invite list and can create connections with no problem. If you've ever been curious as to why some people are so popular, it may have something to do with astrology. Keep reading to find out the most popular zodiac sign from fairly favored to always admired.

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Dedicated Woman Leading Her Team

While Capricorns are highly focused and tend to be more goal-oriented, they are also dedicated friends and colleagues. These earth signs are well-connected and always willing to go the extra mile for the people around them.

"Saddled with Saturnian vibes, they are serious about most things, and forming relationships, even if they are coldly calculated, is one of them,"says Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology.

You'll definitely want this sought-after sign's energy in your life, no doubt about it.


Group of Co-Workers Being Goofy
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It might seem like Virgos wouldn't be a popular sign due to their intimidating nature and perfectionism, but it's quite the opposite. They can get stuck in their own heads at times wondering if other people are criticizing them, but they have an unexpected goofy side that really draws people in.

Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology, says "Virgos are pure hearted, so once you get them to warm up you'll be grateful for the opportunity to know them and always look forward to seeing them again."

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Group of Friends Taking a Selfie

It's really no surprise that Gemini, the biggest flirt and social butterfly of the zodiac, is also a pretty popular sign. These people move between different social groups and form connections with an envious ease.

This air sign might be popular, but Loftis cautions that they may need to watch out for too many surface level bonds. "Sometimes there is a large quantity of relationships, but few of those deep abiding friendships that we all need."


Two Friends Traveling Together
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Sagittarius are out-there, adventurous, and love meeting new people and trying new things. You can't miss them when they walk into a room and they constantly have that infectious, life-of-the-party energy. Their big personalities make it super easy to create relationships and it's likely they have connections from all over the place.

"Expansive, fun-loving and globe-trotting; your Sagittarius is busy texting some guy in Paris on their way to visit friends in Costa Rica," says Loftis. This fire sign is well-liked and they know it.


Friends Drinking at A Club

Leos are ruled by the sun and it shows in their self-centered nature. While they sometimes are stigmatized for being all about themselves, these fire signs genuinely enjoy being around others. "Leo is a happy, fun-loving sign that brings out the inner child in everyone," Marquardt says.

When it comes to personality, these people have an innocence that makes you feel light and carefree and a creative energy that always works in their favor. Try not to be shocked when you're pulled into Leo's sphere of influence.

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Girl Dancing in Front of Her Friends

As a sign that oozes positivity and charm, the oh-so-social Libra is the most popular of the zodiac.

They love to throw parties or attend any social event because it's where they shine. Loftis explains that these air signs are attractive, well-connected, and tend to give off a sophisticated vibe, so "six-degrees of separation is more like three for your typical Libra."

Everyone can find something to like about a Libra, so just give them the Miss Congeniality title already!

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