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The Most Diplomatic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They make fair decisions and deliver them with grace.

There are some people who are naturally diplomatic. When two friends are in an argument, they're able to mediate and find a solution. When they need a favor, they're able to play to the other person's empathy and get what they want. And when they're handling a sensitive subject at work, they're able to make everyone feel understood in order to move forward.

Of course, these people sometimes find themselves in careers that play to this strength—things like law, politics, and social work—but that's not always the case. So, if you want to easily identify people who are naturally diplomatic, you might want to look at their star sign. Ahead, we asked astrologers to outline the top zodiac signs that display this trait. It doesn't hurt to have one of these folks in your corner should you need their assistance!

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Cancer is highly empathetic and intuitive, two traits necessary for diplomacy.

"They're very mindful of what they say, so they don't hurt anyone's feelings," says TikToker Amanda, a professional tarot reader and astrologer. "They also try to be very fair and mediators, hearing everyone's sides and always trying to come up with solutions to problems."

However, they sometimes let their emotions get the best of them—which isn't ideal in situations where composure is key.


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Aquarius sometimes fumbles in social situations, but their drive to create a more idealistic and accepting future makes them a strong contender for the most diplomatic sign, explains Courtney Trethric, astrologer and tarot reader at Interstellar Harmony.

"Aquarius folks are usually ones to float between social cliques, being friends with everyone, as they're able to relate along many walks of life," says Trethric. "You might not expect Aquarius to be diplomatic, but when you view their Saturn lead energy, which can be structured and goal-based, and mix that with the element of air, you're left with a profoundly understanding and diplomatic person with a view of an equal future for all."

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This sign is renowned for its empathy—sometimes verging on psychic—and that aids in their diplomacy.

"Pisces are the most intuitive sign in the zodiac pinwheel, and often review body language, physical habits, and word habits… when making a decision about a person," says Michele Tell, a lightworker, tarot reader, and educator. "This allows a Pisces to balance what is being said with what is not being said, which is the unexpected diplomacy platform."

Pisces is also the 12th house of the zodiac, and a combination of all the other signs, which gives them a unique ability to see every point of view. From there, they can make educated decisions.



You'd be lucky to have a Virgo at the table if you were engaged in diplomatic affairs. They're emotionally grounded and have a unique ability to conquer any to-do list.

"Virgos are some of the best at organizing, facilitating, and bringing ideas into motion," says Trethric. "They have a knack for viewing things from a sensible yet understanding point of view, and often help others pivot to a more grounded sense of understanding the world around them."

In other words: they'll always get the job done.


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According to Tell, Capricorn is the earth sign with the highest ability to balance the serious with the whimsical, which makes them extraordinary visionaries who are still grounded in reality.

"They see life as a story—beginning, middle, and end—and will not embark upon the journey without 'knowing' the end in the beginning," says Tell.

If they're negotiating a deal or discussing the future of a company, they'll look at real-world data to make a truly informed decision. This sign is also diligent and hard-working, and will always arrive prepared.

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If you're a fan of astrology, you probably could have guessed that Libra would be declared the most diplomatic sign—its archetype, after all, is the scale.

"Always viewing both sides of the coin, and trying to balance the scales, they're efficient leaders and often get into politics or start non-profit organizations to embody their love of equality," says Trethric. "Libras are an air sign, and have the ability to travel and flow through even the most difficult of situations with the power to view problems or issues from a place of observance instead of taking things personally."

Once they've made a decision, they can communicate it to the group in a way that gets everyone on board. Those results are the mark of a true diplomat.

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