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The Best Career for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Still haven't landed your dream job? Turns out, your horoscope might say more than your resume.

You're so much more than your job. Still, wouldn't it be nice to align your passions with your professional pursuits? Whether you're just starting on your career journey or you're looking to make a big move this year, there's a job out there that perfectly suits your skills and strengths. And as luck would have it, you just have to look to the stars. We spoke with Best Life's resident astrologer to find the best career for each zodiac sign. Will you thrive as a business entrepreneur or is becoming a content creator more your speed? Keep reading to find your own cosmically aligned career.

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Lauren Ash is a celebrity astrologer and lifestyle writer. She writes horoscopes for Best Life and USA Today, and hosts the weekly astrology and pop culture podcast Birth Chart Pls. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Entrepreneur

Successful young CEO at work
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Aries are the bold and fearless leaders of the zodiac. With bright ideas and a passionate spark that inspires others, it's no wonder you often find yourself in a position of authority. You are assertive, strong-willed, and competitive in every area of life, so much so, that it's not uncommon for your sign to set out on your own and become an entrepreneur when you no longer feel challenged and inspired.

Taurus: Florist

Asian male business owner and florist
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Taurus is steadfast and determined to succeed. Whether it's climbing the corporate ladder or stepping out on your own, you have the patience and persistence to find success wherever you go. Being an earth sign, you adore gardening, so the perfect job gives you a chance to mix your love of nature, people skills, and business savvy all in one. If you're looking to try something new this year, why not explore a career as a florist?

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Gemini: Lifestyle Writer

smiling young black woman writing at home

Geminis are the upbeat socialites of the zodiac. You love to mix and mingle with new people, hearing their stories and learning about their backgrounds. You're also always up-to-date on the latest trends, so why not mix your passions with your career pursuits and start your journey as a lifestyle writer? Sharing the latest celebrity gossip, style tips, or home decor ideas just might be the perfect career for someone as influential as you.

Cancer: Real Estate Agent

real estate agent on the phone
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Cancers are the sweet and nurturing homebodies of the zodiac. You pride yourself on knowing how to make others feel comfortable. And because you have such an air of kindness, people are inclined to trust your judgment and opinion. Therefore, the best career for you gives you a chance to help people find their own sense of security and create the foundation to start their lives—like becoming a real estate agent.

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Leo: Content Creator

Candid portrait of African-American entrepreneur interviewed on a radio podcast.
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Nobody knows how to put on a show like you do, Leo. Your bubbly personality and sunny disposition light up a room, and you've probably been told you could be a comedian or actor due to your ability to entertain people and make them laugh. Use your best talent—your personality—and channel it into a career as a content creator. Whether you're streaming a podcast or posting as an influencer, you'll have no shortage of followers.

Virgo: Interior Designer

Young Asian woman decorating and arranging a vase with dried plants on cabinet in the living room at home
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Virgos get called the perfectionist of the zodiac, which isn't far from the truth. You spot the mistakes others miss and have a keen sense of style to match. You don't need glory or fame to be fulfilled in your career; you're happiest when you feel you're helping others. Interior design lets you call the shots without having to be totally in charge, and it also gives you a platform to showcase your skills and beautify the world.

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Libra: Personal Stylist

Fashion woman with digital tablet working in her office.

Everywhere you go, you seem to leave your mark on others, influencing them to embrace their unique style and interests. Of all the signs, Libra is the most fashion-forward and aesthetically attuned. A career as a personal stylist would give you the chance to help others find their own creative expression while showcasing your talents and tastes. It also plays to your love of helping people find balance in their lives.

Scorpio: Investigative Journalist

Anchorman Reporting Live News
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Scorpios are inquisitive by nature. You may seem mysterious on the surface, but you're always looking to learn more about others' stories. You're particularly interested in why humans behave the way they do, so you find yourself drawn to fields where you can interact with and study different people. You're also somewhat of a sleuth, which is why the field of investigative journalism might be exactly what you need to feel challenged and fulfilled in your career.

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Sagittarius: Flight Attendant

young flight attendant waiting for takeoff
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You love nothing more than traveling the world and seeking new adventures, Sagittarius. Whether it's meeting new friends to expand your social circle or picking up and moving to a new city, you need your freedom—which is why the traditional 9-to-5 sounds like a snooze to you. Combine your love of exploration with your desire for spontaneity in a career as a flight attendant. With new faces and new destinations to see every day, you never know what will be in store for you next.

Capricorn: Graphic Designer

Asian Graphic designer working in office.
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Capricorns are among the most sensible and reliable people around. You can accomplish pretty much anything you put your mind to. When other people give up, you continue to blaze ahead. Still, for all your seriousness, you must be passionate about the work you do. A career in graphic design gives you a chance to thrive in a more traditional work setting, while still letting you tap into your creative side.

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Aquarius: Park Ranger

Portrait of a man looking at the camera wearing a bush hat and looking positive
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You're somebody who has a big heart and a love for your fellow man, even if it's not always easy for you to express. You're always looking for ways to push humanity toward progress and leave the world a better place. The best job for you lets you make a direct impact where it matters, create systems for a brighter future, and educate people about how they can help along the way. That's why there's no better fit than becoming a park ranger.

Pisces: Self-Employed Artist

art studio with young woman at the register
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Pisces are the creative and whimsical dreamers of the zodiac. You see beauty where most cannot, and you're constantly finding artistic inspiration everywhere you go. Your one-of-a-kind vision needs to be shared, which is why that dream career as a self-employed artist might be your calling. Plus, working for yourself allows you to create a schedule that ebbs and flows along with your mood.

Lauren Ash
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