The Theme Song of Your Life, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether your life is an action movie or a rom-com, you need your own soundtrack.

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and felt completely transported by the soundtrack? Whether it's an action movie, a love story, or a laugh-out-loud comedy, the music playing in the background has the ability to bring out our emotions and allow us to connect with the characters. But what if we were the characters? What song would be playing then? To get the answer, we spoke with NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust to find the track worthy of being our personal anthems. Keep reading to find out if the theme song to your life will have "Big Energy," is still "Unwritten," or is calling you to "Soak Up The Sun."

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Aries: "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion

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It's no secret that you're the competitive and ambitious type, Aries. But what most people don't understand is that you're not comparing yourself to other people; you're in competition with yourself.

"Aries are fearless and take risks other people won't," says Stardust. "They don't care what others think and love to prove their naysayers wrong."

So, the soundtrack to your life needs to be equal parts braggadocios and upbeat. Stardust recommends listening to anything by Megan Thee Stallion to hype yourself up—but especially "Savage" for an added boost of confidence.

Taurus: "No Scrubs" by TLC

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Taurus can be a tough nut to crack, but once someone's gained your trust, you're one of the most loyal and dependable zodiac signs. You're very generous with your money, attention, and time. The only thing you ask for in return is to be appreciated.

"Taurus works hard to get where they want in life, and they expect the same out of others," explains Stardust. "That's why these stubborn earth signs keep their inner circle tight."

For this reason, Stardust recommends the old-school classic "No Scrubs" by TLC as your theme song. It'll remind you to keep your high standards and never compromise on your boundaries. Plus, it's got a great beat.

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Gemini: "Wannabe" by Spice Girls

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Flighty, flakey, unreliable—these are just some of the stereotypes associated with Geminis. While it's true that you change your mind a lot, it's not because you can't commit. In fact, you're one of the most loyal people out there.

"Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and friendship is more important to them than just about anything," confirms Stardust. "With the right crew to back them up, Gemini can conquer the world."

This is why Stardust suggests listening to upbeat BFF empowerment anthems like the Spice Girls classic "Wannabe." It'll remind you about the things (and people) that truly matter in life.

Cancer: "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars

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Being a Cancer means being known as the emotional and sensitive one of your friend group or family. Nobody knows how to support others in their times of need like you. However, because of your nurturing nature, you can tend to forget about self-love.

"For all the time they spend taking care of other people, Cancer loves being spoiled in return," Stardust explains.

You need a song to remind you that being ambitious isn't selfish and that it's important to put yourself first sometimes. "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars will empower you to speak up and reach for what you want out of life without feeling guilty.

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Leo: "Big Energy" by Latto

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No matter where you go or what you do, all eyes find themselves on you, Leo. Maybe it's your warm and welcoming personality, or perhaps it's that you're not afraid to put yourself out there, but there's no hiding your larger-than-life personality.

"You can always spot a Leo from their swagger and energy, so they need a theme song that has that same power," says Stardust.

She says it's tough to find a single song to fully embody all that is Leo, but "Big Energy" by Latto comes close. It speaks to your passionate nature and validates that having a big personality isn't a bad thing.

Virgo: "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo

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You'll be hard-pressed to find someone more sensible and logical than this earth sign. Your highly observant nature means you spot a problem before anyone else, and you aren't afraid to stand up for what you believe in when the situation warrants it.

"Virgo might get called the perfectionist of the zodiac, but that's only because you know in order to get things done right—you've gotta do it yourself," Stardust says.

She recommends listening to confidence-boosting songs like "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo to help you ground yourself in your power. Remember, your opinions matter even if they go against the grain.

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Libra: "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys

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Libras often get called indecisive. But despite the stereotypes that you're a people pleaser who never knows what they want, you're actually very opinionated. And because you've built a reputation as a team player, you're more likely to have things go your way when you put your foot down.

"When Libra sets their sights on something that they want, nothing can stand in their way," Stardust explains.

"I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys will lift your spirits and help you focus on the fact that being direct about what you want is an important step towards getting it.

Scorpio: "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield

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Scorpios are people of few words, often seen as the elusive or mysterious types. But you have plenty of positive qualities that make you a great friend. Though you don't act like a water sign on the surface, you're deeply motivated by your intuition and feelings.

Surprised you didn't get a spookier song? While it did come up, your ability to adapt to any situation is ultimately what led Stardust to choose "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. It's a reminder that even the darkest times promise brighter days.

"Scorpio is the sign of change, and they know the future always holds a new chapter, which is why they'll relate to this classic," she says.

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Sagittarius: "Soak Up The Sun" by Sheryl Crow

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Fearless and adventurous, you live in the moment. As a fire sign, you have no problem letting your personality shine and would rather keep yourself open to new experiences than have a five-year plan. Some might say it's irresponsible, but you see your flexibility as a strength.

"Sagittarians are all about having fun and enjoying the little moments in life," notes Stardust. "They like to keep things light and don't sweat the small stuff."

"Soak Up The Sun" by Sheryl Crow is a classic sing-along jam with the perfect vibes for keeping things chill and upbeat, whether you're boarding a plane to your next international destination or riding the train during your morning commute.

Capricorn: "Motivation" by Normani

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Capricorns know how to hustle. There's a lot you're looking to get done in life, and even though you know you have the skills, you worry you won't have the time. This also means you have trouble saying no to things, which can lead you to burnout if you're not careful.

Your power anthem should be a song that will keep you plowing ahead and focused on why you're working so hard—like "Motivation" by Normani.

"Nobody feels the drive to succeed like Capricorn, and this song is the perfect way to pump them up and remind them of their goals," Stardust explains.

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Aquarius: "Alien Superstar" by Beyoncé

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Aquarians are highly intellectual, eccentric, and creative. You like to go against the grain and have a naturally unique way of looking at the world.

"As the rebel of the zodiac, there's no better song to describe the absolute boss energy that every Aquarius embodies," Stardust says about "Alien Superstar" by Beyoncé.

She recommends listening to any of the songs on the album Renaissance, but this one will remind you that the world needs out-of-the-box thinkers like you and that you should never let the opinions of others bring you down.

Pisces: "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac

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Spiritual, mystical, and intuitive, you have a natural connection to all things creative, Pisces. Your ability to think big and tap into your fantastical side gives you a unique ability to chase your dreams. However, your imagination can also get the best of you; you're very sensitive and tend to withdraw when you need a moment alone.

Rather than run away from your introverted tendencies, why not choose a theme song that embraces them and encourages you to feel your feelings? Stardust recommends "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac.

"Pisces are hopeless romantics who want to believe in the best in others and hold onto the sweet moments of life as long as they can," she says.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story referred to Beyonce's song as "Unique" when it is "Alien Superstar." The story has been updated to reflect this.

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