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The Hobby You Should Pick Up, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you like something crafty, physical, or laid-back, let astrology find your perfect hobby.

The gray, dreary days before spring can seem like they last forever. So if you're feeling like you're in a bit of a rut, picking up a new hobby could be just the thing to add some sunshine to your day-to-day. Of course, that's easier said than done. How do you find an activity that'll keep you interested and align with your passions? Looking to astrology might be a good place to start. Keep reading to hear from astrologers about the hobby you should try, based on your zodiac sign. Will you love high-octane rock climbing or peaceful painting?

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, writer, and podcast host. She writes horoscopes for USA TODAY and works as a columnist for Best Life, InStyle, Mane Addicts, and Reader's Digest. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Rock Climbing

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As the fiery first sign of the zodiac, you're into adventurous, high-energy activities, so you're not likely to pick up knitting any time soon. Ruled by aggressive and athletic Mars, you'd do best with a physical hobby with a dose of competition

"Rock climbing… meets both of those needs," says author and tarot reader Theresa Reed. It's a great way for you to exert all that excess energy while maintaining a fun and social aspect.

Taurus: Floral Arranging

Female florist cutting stems in flower shop while standing at counter

Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Taurus indulges in all of the beautiful things life has to offer, whether it's expensive clothes or delicious food. Financially minded, you work hard and want your life to reflect that.

You need a hobby that will leave you with an attractive takeaway and also taps into your creative spirit, which is why getting into floral arranging is perfect. Plus, as an earth sign, you resonate with anything nature-based.

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Gemini: Pottery

Couple taking a pottery class together
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Geminis love to learn new things. But as the zodiac's most indecisive sign, it's hard for you to choose a single hobby to focus your attention on. But as Reed explains, "Gemini rules the hands, so it's best to have a hobby that keeps your paws busy."

Pottery will unleash your creative side and let you make something with your own two hands. It's also a great date idea or group activity, perfect for a social butterfly like you.

Cancer: Baking Bread

Beautiful young woman baking bread in the oven at the modern white kitchen at home

Cancers are the zodiac's homebodies, and if you're going to be spending a lot of time at home, you'll need a cozy hobby to keep you busy. As the sign represented by the protective crab and ruled by the moon, you have a natural skill for all things domestic and nurturing.

"You're likely an excellent chef and would do very well with any type of culinary hobby like baking artisan bread or making your own cheese at home," says astrologer and tarot reader Stina Garbis. Sentimental Cancer will love this activity even more if it can be shared with family.

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Leo: Stand-Up Comedy

Smiling and witty stand up actor comedian on stage, talking and singing into a microphone and making the audience laugh. Final rehearsal before the premiere and performance in the theater

Leo is ruled by the sun and loves to be in the spotlight, so your ideal hobby allows you to catch others' attention. You're naturally creative and feel a need to express your ideas, which is why you'd enjoy a spontaneous activity like stand-up comedy or improv.

While some signs would feel too shy to stand up in front of a room full of strangers, you'll only become more passionate and charismatic in this setting.

Virgo: Gardening

grandmother and grandchild gardening in outdoor vegetable garden in spring or summer season

Perfectionist Virgo likes to keep things organized and doesn't often stray far from the routine. However, you have a secret creative side. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, your imagination is always flowing. And as an earth sign, you don't mind getting back to nature.

"Gardening is the ultimate Virgo hobby. It's relaxing yet hard work, which appeals to your need to be of service," says Reed. Plus, as someone who prides themselves on preparing healthy meals, you'll love having fresh fruits and veggies.

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Libra: Sewing


Libras are ruled by elegant and romantic Venus, so you have a preference for the finer things in life. You have a sophisticated eye and are considered one of the best-dressed zodiac signs.

One of the most beautiful things for you would be being able to create one-of-a-kind clothing pieces from your own imagination. Your eye for design paired with your self-discipline makes sewing the perfect challenge to keep you interested.

Scorpio: Stargazing

Scorpios have intense emotions, but unless someone is part of your inner circle, you tend to play things close to the chest. It's hard to know what hobby would best suit you because of how complex your interests tend to be, but you typically embark on things that take a long time to hone.

Deep and moody, Scorpio is ruled by mysterious Pluto, so you also have a love for anything involving the unknown. That's why stargazing will completely enthrall you and satisfy your need for something otherworldly.

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Sagittarius: Karaoke

men singing karaoke
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Those born under the sign of the Archer need to roam. Ruled by the ninth house of travel and distant lands, a Sagittarius is probably already busy traveling the world, having spur-of-the-moment adventures.

This is why karaoke is a great hobby for you. When you're home, become a regular at your local haunt, and when you're off visiting a new place, meet new people by singing a tune at the local watering hole.

Capricorn: Woodworking

Father son woodworking together

As the workaholic of the zodiac, Capricorn has trouble relaxing at the end of the day. You're a self-starter who's known for discipline, so the more intimidating hobbies out there don't scare you one bit.

Taking up woodworking requires a lot more than fancy power tools; it takes focus and practice, which is why it appeals to a type-A personality like you. Once you've built something completely from scratch, you'll feel so much satisfaction.

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Aquarius: Roller Skating

A woman wearing denim shorts, black knee-high socks, and a black turtleneck outside roller skating.
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Aquarians are creative, quirky, and definitely eccentric. Life is short, and you're not looking to waste it conforming to someone else's rules. You're the sign of all things that are newly invented, which is why Aquarius is linked so strongly to technology and humanity.

But even you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the world around you. So, why not choose a hobby that lets you throw it back to the past like roller skating? Grab your friends and enjoy the fresh air while skating down the street.

Pisces: Painting

woman painting artist

Pisces are all artists by nature. You're a quiet soul and prefer to spend your spare time retreating from the world. As the sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and manifestation, your hobbies are often rooted in spirituality and self-expression.

Anyone can pick up a paintbrush, but more than any other sign, you'll be able to truly translate your emotions and daydreams onto the canvas. And you'll enjoy the solitude of creating something from your own imagination.

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