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The Board Game You Should Play, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

According to an astrologer, this is the board game you're most likely to love (and win!).

Believe it or not, board games aren't just for kids. From mind-bending puzzles to super-strategic activities, there's a tabletop game for every kind of adult to enjoy. Looking to add a bit of competitive fun to your next dinner party? Or maybe you just want something to play on a quiet night at home with the family? Either way, set yourself up for success with a game that aligns with your horoscope. Read on to hear from professional astrologer and author Lisa Stardust about which board game is best suited for your zodiac sign. Just try not to be too boastful when you win.

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Aries: Risk

risk board game
Shutterstock / Mitch Hutchinson

Assertive and bold, Aries love to take a risk. Whether it's going after that promotion at work or pursuing the partner of your dreams, you play to win. And with Mars influencing your energy, you're looking for a board game where you can flex your instincts and your intellect. "A warrior by nature makes the game Risk ideal for Aries who can play commander-in-chief from the comforts of their home," says Stardust.

Taurus: Catan

The Settlers of Catan
iStock / zmeel

You're a lover, not a fighter, Taurus. Unlike other signs that seem to constantly be competing with each other, you prefer to take the slow route and focus on your own goals. But that doesn't mean you don't enjoy a bit of friendly competition once in a while. "Hedonistic Taurus yearns for earthly pleasures and delights, which is why [Catan] will speak to their appetite for conquering life," Stardust explains. It requires strategy, alliance building, and allocation of resources—perfect for your next board game gathering.

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Gemini: Scrabble

scrabble board game
iStock / Juanmonino

Quick-witted and silver-tongued, your mind is always moving a million miles a minute, Gemini. As the sign ruled by curious and chatty Mercury, you can't help but find yourself in the middle of every conversation. For you, parties are about socializing, but you'll never pass up a chance to show off how smart you are, which is what makes scrabble such a great fit. "Geminis find power in their words, which is why this game is going to be an excellent way for them to express themselves," says Stardust.

Cancer: Codenames

codenames board game
Shutterstock / Antonio Batinic

Some people might assume you're too sweet to throw elbows at game night, but they would be wrong! Along with being one of the more empathetic signs of the zodiac, you also have a competitive streak that loves to show up now and then. And as the sign ruled by the intuitive moon, you're very good at picking up on other people's strategies and feelings in a situation, which is sure to give you an edge in a game like Codenames. "Cancers have excellent memories and are great at dropping hints, so they'll be able to excel at playing this game with friends and family," says Stardust.

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Leo: Guesstures

guesstures board game
Shutterstock / MakingMovesPhotography

It's no secret that you're the dramatic type, Leo, but who says that's a bad thing? You have an energy about you that draws people in and keeps their attention. If you're looking to put on a performance the next time you and your crew get together, a charades game like Guesstures is sure to keep everyone in stitches. "Leos are the most theatrical zodiac sign. They'll have a great time acting out words and competing with others," Stardust explains. You'll surely be the life of the party!

Virgo: Clue

clue board game
Shutterstock / Mitch Hutchinson

You're a perceptive person who does more observing than talking. Like Gemini, you're ruled by communicative Mercury, but you tend to lean into the investigative side of things rather than being a social butterfly. And because your powers of observation are so good, you often fly under the radar and surprise everyone when you come out on top. A classic game like Clue will put your decoding skills to good use. "Virgos are the problem solvers of the zodiac. Therefore, they'll like applying logic in this game when exposing and solving crimes," says Stardust.

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Libra: The Game of Life

the game of life
Shutterstock / Erin Cadigan

Ruled by romantic and luxurious Venus, you value the aesthetics and vibe of a social gathering just as much as the guest list itself. And although you may seem prim and proper to the outside observer, you love to let your goofy side out around close friends. So, why not throw it back to your childhood for a fun and colorful game of Life? "It's no secret that Libras love the good things in life. This board game can help them experience everything sweet and delicious," Stardust says.

Scorpio: Chess

man playing chess
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You're a tough nut to crack, Scorpio. Although you're very cool and charming on the surface, there's more to your personality than you let on. Your water sign nature makes you very skilled at picking up people's true motivations and intentions. And as someone who likes to plan for the long-term, you're always looking five steps ahead in every aspect of life, which makes chess a natural fit for you. "Scorpios are known to be strategic in their plans and discussions, which is why they'll be the best at playing chess," explains Stardust.

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Sagittarius: Trivial Pursuit

trivial pursuit
Shutterstock / Joni Hanebutt

People might write you off as the carefree adventurer of the zodiac, but you've got a bigger brain than you get credit for. Maybe it's your worldly travels or your diverse friend groups, but you're always soaking up new knowledge and looking to broaden your horizons. Let the room know you're equal parts brain and brawn by breaking out a quiz game like Trivial Pursuit. "As the know-it-all of the zodiac, this game will give Sagittarius the chance to prove they are geniuses and smarty pants," Stardust says.

Capricorn: Monopoly

Shutterstock / LightField Studios

You're the savvy, practical type who likes to keep their mind on their money. Sure, you like to relax and let loose now and then, but what really gets you going is showing off just how strategic you are. And chances are with how motivated you are to succeed, your friends are just as competitive as you are. Therefore, take on the ultimate test of money management and skill with a good old-fashioned game of Monopoly. "Being business-minded 24/7 means that Capricorn will be able to manage properties and get paid when playing this board game," Stardust says.

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Aquarius: Taboo

taboo game
Shutterstock / pio3

You're a bit of a rebel, Aquarius, but you already knew that. While everyone else follows the leader, you're looking for a way to shake things up. It doesn't matter what popular opinion or convention says you should do, you're going to do things your way. And as someone who isn't afraid to say what everyone else is thinking, a game like Taboo is perfect for you. "Aquarius likes to veer off the beaten path and say 'taboo' sentiments—all the more reason for them to partake in this game," notes Stardust.

Pisces: Pictionary

Group of young friends eating pizza and playing Pictionary at home.

As the artist of the zodiac, you're happiest when you feel free to express your creative side. You're not too worried about winning; you're more interested in having fun and making memories with your favorite people. For your next game night, pull out the pen and paper for a lively round of Pictionary. "This game is perfect for dreamy and big-thinking Pisces. It'll allow them to embrace their artistic and whimsical nature," Stardust says.

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